Easter Felted Pincushion


Designed by Jennifer Greenwald      

Easter is a few days away and we, at Clover, used our felting tools and Create-a-Pincushion to make an Easter themed pincushion. Learn about our tools and how this project came about.

Learn about Clover’s tools that made this project possible. There are quite a few to make note of.


Art. No 4120
(Brown) & Art. No 4121 (Ivory)

You can easily create a pincushion with your favorite fabric or with any other handcrafted work like embroidery or patchwork in three easy steps. If the needles get stuck to the pincushion you can remove them just by taking the pincushion pieces apart.Untitled-2-01

To make a pincushion follow these steps:

  1. Put the stuffing into the inner container
  2. Fix the fabric with the silicone ring
  3. Place the cover

Needle Felting Tools  

8900 Felting Needle Tool (IP)Felting Needle Tool (Art. No 8900)

Appliques are easy! All it takes is a light punch. No thread or glue needed. Comes with fine needles for wide range of fabrics. A little piecing with the felting tool is all it takes. Ideal for attaching applique to knits.
8901 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool (IP)WEB

Pen Style Needle Felting Tool (Art. No 8901)

Pen Style Needle Felting Tool, for small and delicate felt projects using 1, 2 or 3 needles. Needle length is adjustable.

  • 3 needles-for a quick finish
  • 2 needles for creating lines and outlines
  • 1 needle for delicate work

8902 Single Needle Felting Tool IPSingle Needle Felting Tool (Art. No 8902)

The easy-to-hold design allows for detailed work with “pinpoint” accuracy. The needle can be replaced.

Needle Felting Mat

Art. No 8910
(Small) & Art. No. 8911 (Large)

The brush like mat enables smooth punching with little resistance, and allows fibers of the applique to mesh well with the base fabric. The bristle length provides the ideal hardness and density for punching.

Put those tools together and make yourself an Easter pincushion like this one.

Photo Mar 24, 11 44 00 AM

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Needle Felting Tutorial here:

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