Tool School: Create-a-Pincushion

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What is it?
– Pincushions have been a necessity for about as long as the needle and pin have been used.  Picture someone sewing by candlelight in the middle ages.  She puts her needle down to adjust the fabric or throw another log on the fire and when she reaches for it again . . . well, it’s nowhere to be  found.  Necessity truly is the mother of invention.  The pincushion was developed initially out of a need to organize and store pins and needles and then developed into so much more.  By the 16th century there were literary references to “pyn pillows”.  Examples from Europe at that time still exist.  Some are very “practical” in appearance while others present more decorative designs and even elaborate embroidery motifs.  It seems that even our centuries old ancestors couldn’t help themselves anymore than we can.  The urge to decorate everything, including even our sewing tools, is all consuming.  Clover’s new Create-a-Pincushion kits allow us to turn something as seemingly pedestrian as a common pincushion into an attractive and personal article of creative expression.  16th century Europe would be jealous.



Art. No 4120 (Brown), 4121 (Ivory)

What does it do? – The Create-a-Pincushion has a home in virtually every existing sewing studio.  That’s because each one is uniquely designed with a specific home in mind.  The all inclusive kit provides a base, a durable and reusable silicon retainer band and a smooth collar.  All you add is the imagination and we know there are no limits there.

create-a-pincushion_product_brown_WEBBase – The base provides the support for pin cushion and contains the “stuffing” which can be anything from wool roving to synthetic fiber, your choice.  Adjust the volume of the roving to affect the final shape of the pincushion.

Fabric – The fabric is provided by you.  It holds the stuffing in place.  Select whatever appeals to you. Any fabric pattern, pieced design, cross stitched section, felted wool or other fabric portion will work.  As long as you like it and a needle or pin will penetrate it, it’s perfect.

Silicon Retainer Band – The retainer band fits snuggly around the base and holds the fabric in place.  The cool thing is, you can remove it whenever it suits you.  If you get tired of the current pincushion fabric pattern, change it!  Easy peasy.

Collar – The smooth collar fits over the retaining band to give the Create-a-Pincushion its finished look.  Just slide it over the base and retaining band and it locks into place.  The base and collar are available in two colors, brown and ivory.  Select the color that compliments your fabric.  But wait, you’re not done yet.  You can decorate the collar too, if you want.  Paint an attractive design, attach costume jewelry, embellish with tiny fabric yo-yo shapes, wrap with ribbon, cover with matching or contrasting fabric, attach old thimbles, cover with a section of measuring tape, the options are limitless.  Make it yours.

How do I share it?  Everyone uses a pincushion of some type.  Why not make it cool?  And who knew pincushions could be so personal?  Put a few together so your friends can see what the finished product looks like.  The creative bug will bite.  Lay out different fabric patches to show how flexible the creative process can be.  The focus can be holidays, seasons, hobbies, lifestyle expression, milestone events or any other personal preference.  What a great gift too!  Put a bow on a package and everyone will get the idea.  To show it is to sell it.

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