Embroider Anything!

Photo Mar 14, 4 33 36 PM

Designed by Olivia Quintero 

Create an artful embroidered design with Clover’s embroidery tools. 
Embroidery Stitching Tool (Art. No 8800)

  • Stitch as quickly as if you were drawing a picture. You can create a wide variety of designs with this tool – from satin stitch, loop stitch and back stitch.  The Embroidery Stitching Tool is easy to use and it comes with a handy needle cover for safety storage.8800 Stitching Tool (IP)_Web

Seam Ripper (Art. No 482/W

  • For cutting threads on seams or button holes. Easily cut threads.482W Seam Ripper (IP)RGB

Clover Glue for Embroidery Stitching Tool (Art. No 8811

  • Transparent when dry, no irritating odor. Effectively prevents thread from tangling. Silicon sheet included-prevents the glue from adhering to the iron surface.8811 Embroidery Glue (IP)2

Take a look at an embroidery project completed with our tools.

First, there is the inspiration to create.


Next you gather your supplies. Which include a Clover Embroidery Stitch Tool, Seam Ripper, Clover Glue for Embroidery, embroidery thread. and anything else you’d like to add. In the image below, you can see that for this particular project, we added a little bit of paint.

SuppliesThis project was completed on a canvas. As you can see, the drawing displayed in the first picture has been painted onto the canvas.   In Progress

Lastly, the painting was used as an outline for what came next, the main part of this piece, the embroidery!


Other accessories for this tool such as needles, threaders, hoops and hoop stand are available online by visiting www.clover-usa.com.

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