St. Paddy’s Tassel Keychain


By Marlyn Rodriguez and Jennifer Jara

Use Clover’s new Tassel Maker to make a St. Patrick’s themed key chain and bring luck your way! 



Step 1_2

Step 1: Set Tassel Maker to your height of preference. Keep in mind that the tassel will end up being approximately half the length of the Tassel Maker’s height.

You’ll make your tassel by first winding one of your threads around the Tassel Maker 20-30 times depending on how thick you’d like your tassel.

Final Step

Step 2: Now, grab your Handy Thread Twister and use it to twist two strands of your second colored thread together. This will work as the cord for tassel.

Place the cord inside the threads wrapped around the Tassel Maker.

Step 3: Next, tie the center of your tassel tightly to hold threads and cord together.

Cut along the grooves on the top and bottom of the Tassel Maker.

Fina Final

Step 4: Hold on to your cord as the tassel comes together. Using the second colored thread, tie the top of the tassel tightly to form the head of the tassel.

This will hold the completed tassel together.

Step 5: Cut any loose or uneven threads for a finished look.

Final Final FinalFinally, put your tassel in your keychain and enjoy!

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Watch a Tassel Maker tutorial here:


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