Valentine’s Day Pom-Pom Bouquet

Step 5

By Marlyn Rodriguez and Jennifer Jara

To help you have a crafty Valentine’s Day we walk you through the steps to create a pom pom bouquet using your very own creativity and Clover’s Pom Pom Makers.

This post was inspired by one of our #CloverFans on Instagram! Take a look.

Materials Needed:
Pom Pom Maker Large Art. No 3126
Pom Pom Maker Small Art. No 3124
16 gauge wire
Gardening tape
Medium weight yarn
1 inch ribbon
*optional: Beads/Buttons/WonderclipsMaterials

Step 1: Make 6 pom-poms using Clover’s Pom Pom Maker.
Make 3 Pom Poms using the small Pom Pom Maker and 3 using the large. Follow instructions included in the package. Step 1

Step 2: Make a hook with your 16 gauge wire and put hook through the center. Tighten hook.Step 2

Step 3: Wrap gardening tape tightly around the wire.Step 3

Step 4: Place Wonderclips inside a vase of your choosing to support your bouquet and place the pom pom flowers inside.

Step 5: Wrap the vase with ribbon and tie a bow.Cover*Another option is wrapping your bouquet with the ribbon instead of placing them in the vase.

Finally, ENJOY and show us your creations on  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Pinterest.

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