Tool School: Compact Sewing Kit


By Steve Butler

What is it? – Think how often you need just the basics for a quick repair and you don’t want to, or can’t, sit down at your sewing cabinet to do it.  Maybe you don’t have time to go through the drawers and look for the tools you need.  Maybe you’re on vacation and the family is ready to head to the theme park but you need to put a button on someone’s shirt and the hotel doesn’t provide mending kits.  Or worse, maybe you’re in your car on the way to an important meeting or special dinner and the hem falls out of your dress or slacks or maybe a zipper comes lose or a button pops off.  Oh no! Everything comes to a halt while you look for a solution.  “Anybody have a needle and thread?”  Most often the answer is no.  Now what do you do?  You’re stuck.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a sewing kit that was small, durable and contained all the most necessary sewing tools to meet those unraveling moments and help you put yourself back together?  Now there is.

What does it do? – Simply put, the Clover Compact Sewing Kit provides everything you need and nothing you don’t.  Small sewing kits abound but most are either incomplete or are obvious concoctions hastily assembled to be just that . . . small.  The Clover Compact Sewing Kit is designed from the ground up to be a “go to” sewing tool that is small enough to carry anywhere, durable enough to not disintegrate with years of use and contain all of the emergency provisions that other kits don’t.

  • Needles – A staple product in any sewing operation.  You just gotta’ have them.
  • Thread – Ditto.  Most repairs we do are going to require threads.  The kit includes not just thread, but four colors of strong spun polyester sewing thread to match or blend with most needs.  And if you use it up, you can rewind a new supply on the sturdy spool.
  • Needle threader – Nothing is more exasperating than trying to thread a needle with mature eyesight.  This is a life saver.
  • Safety pins – Thread might not always be the answer.  For something strong and fast it’s hard to beat a safety pin.
  • Buttons – Sometimes they don’t just fall off, they get lost.  The kit includes a couple just in case.
  • Thread tweezers – When you need to grasp those tiny little threads to remove them or pull them through there is no substitute for a nice pair of tweezers.
  • Scissors – Any time we’re using a needle and thread we’re going to need a pair of scissors.  These are amazingly sharp and will allow you to neatly clean up all the loose ends.
  • Case – How do you keep it all together?  The kit comes in a very attractive and durable case.  It snaps shut so it won’t open when you don’t want it to.  When it does open, the entire kit is easy to remove giving you instant access to the pieces you need.
  • TSA approved.  No worries about taking it onboard when you’re jetting off to those exotic locations we all dream about.

How do I share it? – This is easy.  The Clover Compact Sewing Kit is something everyone needs.  Open one up and make a small story board with it.  Stand it up by check out with a stack of units for sale.  The benefits will be obvious and everyone will want one for their purse, sewing bag, travel bag, back pack, brief case, dop kit, car, RV, kitchen utility drawer, dorm room, etc., etc.  They are also great gifts.  Put a bow on one.

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