CHA Recap

Photo Jan 12, 8 37 37 AMWe enjoyed seeing all of our Clover fan’s at this weekend’s CHA Megashow. We had a great time, were super excited for you to see our new Winter products and to see everything else Clover has going on.

Here are some pictures of our CHA adventures:

We had a booth full of demonstrators, giveaways and product displays.

Photo Jan 10, 8 55 58 AM

Not only was Clover selected as a Hot Product Finalist for our new Tassel

Photo Jan 08, 9 23 27 PM

But we were also able to showcase our new products, the Standing Oval Knitting Loom and Wedge Iron.

Hot Products

Clover fans were given the opportunity to Spin the Wheel and win some giveaways.

Photo Jan 09, 10 42 02 AM (1)

Author Megan Kreiner held a book signing for her new book, “Crochet a Farm.” Clover fans were able to chat with Megan and take home a free copy of her book.

Photo Jan 10, 1 12 05 PM

We had tons of FREE project sheets, and other Clover handouts to help fans stay up to date with everything Clover.

Photo Jan 10, 8 56 14 AM

Clover fans shared their projects with us. This is a scarf that was embellished using our Quick Yo-Yo Maker.

Photo Jan 10, 12 30 36 PM

Scrappy Camper Sisters visited our booth and showed a live feed of our demos to their Periscope followers.

Photo Jan 11, 3 21 22 PM

Some of our demonstration tables included:

Tassel Makers

Photo Jan 11, 3 34 55 PM

Standing Oval Knitting Loom

Photo Jan 11, 3 23 32 PM

Felting Tools

Photo Jan 11, 3 32 11 PM

Our CHA experience was great and CANNOT wait to be back next year!

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