New to Clover for 2016

Tool School-New Products

By Steve Butler

What is it?
It’s the new stuff. No one ever asks us if Clover has any new products. People just ask, “What’s new?” That’s because everyone knows that the creative folks at Clover are always developing something new. Where do we get the ideas? From you of course. And sometimes designers, educators or authors. But mainly you. Some of these new sewing and knitting tools can take several months to design and develop while others are completed more quickly. Regardless of the time required, however, there’s always an intriguing queue of new products working their way to the top of Clover’s list. This winter it’s four very clever items that can be used to satisfy even the most demanding creative palettes.

What does it do?
Our goal is to build the tools that allow you to spend all of your time in the creative process. Leave the nuts and bolts to us. With that said let us introduce you to the “new stuff.”

8104_Picot_Gauge_Set_PKG_WebPicot Gauge

Tatting is a very old art form that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Our classes are always full and first time students are always thrilled with what they’ve been able to create. At its most elemental state tatting is comprised of rings and picots. If your goal is to create a symmetrical pattern it is essential that all of the picots be exactly the same size. Easier said than done until now. Using Clover’s new picot gauges it’s a snap to hold the first half stitch at a selected distance until the second half stitch is in place. Rinse and repeat for each additional picot and voila, you have produced precisely perfect picots. The set comes complete with seven gauges at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 and 13mm to accommodate virtually any pattern.

Purchase your Picot Gauge Set here


Tassel Maker
Tassels bring a certain “je ne sais quoi” to any of our creative aspirations. They just add that little something to almost everything. Fashion, jewelry, home decor, crafts, whatever. Problem is, it’s hard to make them perfect and nobody wants a sloppy tassel. Problem solved. Clover’s new tassel makers come in two sizes, small and large. With them you can make tassels in eight different sizes ranging from 1 3/16″ to 4″. Selecting from a variety of yarns, threads or cords it’s surprisingly easy to make the perfect size, shape and color tassel to compliment every project.

Purchase your Tassel Makers here

9942_Handy_Thread_Twister_with_PKG_WebHandy Thread Twister
We’re all about using threads to decorate and accentuate. But if you really want threads to pop, try twisting them together to make decorative cords. Mix and match colors and textile products to produce new colors, new shapes and new textures. Regardless of how you use them, they imbue a sense of custom, handmade attention to detail. That’s primarily because they are custom and handmade and the result can be dramatic. If you’re feeling daringly creative, get a little twisted with the handy thread twister.

Purchase your Handy Thread Twister here

3178_Oval Loom_IPStanding Oval Knitting Loom
The standing oval knitting loom is just fun. And creative. It’s fast, easy and is the perfect addition to any knitting studio for any age or ability knitter. Twenty-four pegs on an oval base allows you to create a wide range of sizes and shapes. Socks, gloves, scarves, belts, all made with your selection of yarns to produce your project just as you envisioned it. On top of everything else, it’s portable. Take it with you when you’re out of your studio. All we ask is that you don’t text while knitting.

Available for pre-order on our website items will be available early March 2016

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