Holiday Yo-Yo Tree

yoyo_tree01Make a sensation at each place setting on your feasting table, or add an ornament hanger for placing on your tree.



Step 1:    
Make 1 x-small yo-yo. String a star bead and a seed bead to the gathered side of the yo-yo. Tie off and set aside.

Step 2:
Make 2 small yo-yos (one will be stuffed). To stuff the yo-yo bring gathers together and place a small amount of stuffing into the center of the yo-yo. As you tie off be sure to stitch through the center of the stuffing to secure it in place.

Step 3:
Follow Step 2 as you make 2 large,  2 x-large and 2 jumbo yo-yos. Remember to lightly stuff one of each size.

Step 4:
Using an extra long needle, string the yo-yos through the centers in the following order starting from the base of the tree:

      • 1 jumbo yo-yo gather side down,
      • **(all remaining yo-yos gather side up),
      • 1 stuffed jumbo yo-yo,
      • 1 extra large yo-yo,
      • 1 stuffed x-large yo-yo,
      • 1 large yo-yo,
      • 1 stuffed large yo-yo,
      • 1 small yo-yo,
      • 1 small stuffed yo-yo
      • yo-yo with the star to complete the tree.

Step 5:
Go back through to the base of the tree with the needle and thread and tie off to secure all yo-yos in place.

Step 6:
(Optional) Add an ornament hook behind the star for a tree decoration.yoyo_tree05

The tree is easy to make and a great way to involve the kids in holiday decorating.

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One thought on “Holiday Yo-Yo Tree

  1. Why don’t you make an x-jumbo and an xx large yo yo maker. The patterns call for them and I do not know how to make a template.
    Thank you,

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