Seasonal Pom-Pom Wreath

Wreath Feat ImageA fun, inexpensive way to get creative and make the holidays even more festive. 

You can make your own wreaths during the holiday season by following these easy steps.


Wreath Product List

Clover Pom-Pom Maker (Shown above)
Styrofoam Wreath
Art No. 240 Fork pins (Shown above)
Medium-Bulky Yarn
4” Wide Ribbon
Embellishments of your choosing

Making Seasonal Wreath:

Step 1:
Wrap your wreath in ribbon, covering the entire surface (you may pin or glue ribbon to surface).
*Think out of the box for this step! Experiment with texture for example try Burlap.

Step 2:
Construct pom-poms using Clover’s Pom-Pom Makers as instructed below. Amount of pom-poms depend on design and size of pom-poms used for wreath. An average of 5-10 large pom-poms are needed for a larger size wreath as shown in the Winter wreath.
*Use different sizes of pom-poms for a more organic look.

Step 3:
Layout pom-poms before gluing/pinning. Once this is done carefully glue or pin all pom-poms to wreath.

Step 4:
For beginners we suggest making a bow for wreath. This will allow you to embellish wreath without having to make too many pom-poms. (As shown in Spring Wreath)

Step 5:
Get creative! Embellish with buttons, seashells and more… Mix crafts such as felted flowers or even a pom-pom owl!
(shown in Autumn Wreath)

How to make a pom-pom:

Step 1:
Align arches and firmly wind yarn or finely shredded wool from one end to the other evenly.
3128 XL Pom Pom Makers (IN USE step 1)

Step 2:
Close arches and cut the yarn beginning at the gap between the arches.
Cierra los brazos y corta el hilo empezando por el espacio entre los brazos.3128 XL Pom Pom Makers (IN USE step 2)

Step 3:
Place a sewing thread or yarn to tie pom-pom in place. Tie firmly and make a double knot.
3128 XL Pom Pom Makers (IN USE step 3)

Step 4:
Separate both arches and remove pom-pom. Use scissors to cut loose ends and to shape the pom-pom.

3128 XL Pom Pom Makers (IN USE step 4)

Clover Tip:
For beginners we suggest using a plain Styrofoam wreath in order to pin all your embellishments. The smooth surface will make application easier.

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