Easily create your own one of a kind personalized pincushion with your favorite fabric or with any other handcrafted work like embroidery or patchwork.



  • Inner Container
  • Cover
  • Silicone Ring


Supplies Needed:

  • Fabric: approx. 5 1/2” Square
  • Stuffing: approx. 0.2 Oz
  • Scissors
  • Any additional supplies needed to create your desired design


Step 1: Put the stuffing into the inner containers


Step 2: Fix the fabric with the silicone ringcreate-a-pincushion_step-2
Step 3: Push vertically and firmly. Make sure the silicone ring stays in place. Trim any fabric that sticks out.create-a-pincushion_step-3

Yo Yo Pincushion-
Place 13 Extra Small (Art No. 8702) and 10 Small (Art No. 8700) Yo Yo’s on your pincushion to create this unique design. Use fabric glue to attach fabric Yo Yo’s along the cover and fabric edge.yoyo

Wool Felted Pincushion-
Attach wool felted creations for a three-dimensional look.Pin Cushion Ideas_Page_11_Image_0001

Ribbon Trim-
Add ribbon trim along the cover for a personalized touch.

Pin Cushion Ideas_Page_07_Image_0001

How to set a cord: Before placing the cover, tie the cord around the groove of the lower side of the inner container, then place the cover. Pin Cushion Ideas_Page_12_Image_0001

Quick Tip-
If needles get stuck inside the pincushion, you can remove them just by taking the pincushion’s pieces apart.

It’s so easy to make a pincushion with your favorite fabric!

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