Wedge Iron and Tote Pattern Giveaway



“The Wedge”…The Right Iron for So Many Projects! This straightforward, portable, iron is the most important tool you will have when it comes to delicate, awkward areas, repeat pressing in quilt making, clothing construction, and so much more.

Product Details:

  • Large convenient dial for temperature adjustment.
  • Low (Approx. 175°F- 230°F)
  • Medium (Approx. 231°F-300°F)
  • High (Approx. 301°F- 390°F)
  • Wide ergonomic handle for comfort and secure handling.
  • Easily get under layers of fabric with the Wedge Iron’s narrow tip.
  • Fluororesin coated soleplate for ease of ironing.
  • Includes small spray bottle for controlled moisture and steam where needed!

DSC05756Foundation Paper Piecing requires that for the best production you need to set up a cutting, sewing, and pressing station. Once set, the assembly process is smooth and accurate. Pressing occurs after each piece of fabric is added to the design. The convenient compact size of the wedge makes this delicate operation enjoyable

DSC05748Chain Piecing is a speed method of sewing when there are the same seams to be made in the exact same position…think half-square triangles or 4-patches. Once each group is sewn, pressing must happen before adding the next section or before trimming. Making the Wedge the perfect tool for the job.

DSC05770Bias Tape is much quicker with the use of the Wedge due to its easy temperature control and precision tip.





Fusible Cord and Piping presses even and very sharp as the tip and upper side of the Wedge glides along the edge of the piping, without twisting for a tight clean finish.



Fuse ‘n Gather is temperature sensitive and often it is difficult to find just the right setting on a standard iron. With the Wedge the temperature is always correct.



Buttons & Plackets are not a stumbling block for this iron. The ease with which the Wedge glides around buttons and placket edges leaves a most professional finish to any shirt or blouse.


Small & Awkward Seams are generally a challenge for most standard irons, but this baby gets into those difficult areas…think doll, baby, and children’s clothes. While you may never iron baby clothes, if you sew any of these smaller items you will need to press and The Wedge is your “go to” iron.

DSC06257During Fall Quilt Market, Sister’s Common Thread mentioned that they thought our Wedge Iron “looked naked” and took the initiative to design a tote that makes carrying your Wedge Iron easier and opens up into portable and convenient ironing board.

Sisters’ Common Thread has designed many patterns of this tote to help make yours unique.

Enter our giveaway challenge to win a free Wedge Iron and tote pattern. The challenge will run from Wednesday, Dec. 9 to Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Show us why you need a Wedge Iron!

  • Post a picture on any social media outlet (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) showing us why you need a Wedge Iron.
  • Use our hashtags (#CloverUSA, #CloverNeedlecraft) and mention us.
  • Include a Clover product in your picture
  • AND WIN.

We will pick and announce our winner on Dec. 16.

**We will pick one random person, to  win one Wedge Iron and a tote pattern. To be eligible, must be a U.S. or Canada resident.

12 thoughts on “Wedge Iron and Tote Pattern Giveaway

  1. To be honest, I don’t really need the iron. I have a small iron…although it leaks water and I can’t use the steam function. If I win I’m actually going to give the iron to my neighbor who is learning to quilt. I’ve coached her in making one baby quilt and now we are starting another for her soon to be here second child. 🙂

  2. I foundation piece a lot, and I love to appliquè. A regular size iron is so awkward to use when quilting, plus it’s heavy and big. I’ve used different small irons but they tend to be very flimsy and don’t last long. I’d love to have a serious small iron for serious quilting!

  3. This iron seems like it would be perfect for also pressing the backside of embroidery, to “set” it. I also do regular sewing with a serger and a regular sewing machine, and all the above uses (features) would make that job a lot easier. I LOVE the fact that the carrier is actually a soft-style ironing board cloth, how clever is that?! The smallness of it makes it absolutely perfect to fit in with my crowded sewing room! Thanks Clover!
    Lollie Conn

  4. I had a Rownta travel iron it recently died from so much use. It hasn’t been replaced so I would love to have this iron.

  5. I have arthritis in my hands and that makes it very difficult to use a regular iron. I would really be able to put this iron to good use because I am handicapped and since I am stuck in the house most of the time, I have taken up quilting every day. And I need to iron after I sew each piece. I would love to have this iron. Thank you for reading this. It took me awhile to type because of my arthritis.

  6. I like to make purses and wristlets for my daughter and her friends. Ironing the handles and straps would be easy using a small iron.

  7. Love the looks of this little iron and would love the opportunity to win this. I appliqué a lot and agree with others that a big iron is very awkward to use.

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