Mini Flower Loom: Holiday Decor

Learn how to make your own holiday decor using our mini flower loom. It can be done in only eight simple steps.

Holiday Decor.PNG

Materials Capture

  1. Art No. 3139 Mini Flower Loom both square & round
  2. 4”Square vase
  3. Green foliage
  4. Florist Foam
  5. Craft Glue or Hot Glue Gun
  6. Double Sided Tape
  7. Ribbon 1 1/2” wide
  8. Ribbon 1/8” wide in four different colors
  9. Ribbon 3/8” wide to wrap Candy Canes
  10. Candy Canes
  11. 22 Gauge stem wire
  12. 16 Gauge stem wire
  13. Plyers
  14. Floral Tape

Step 1.
Create 15-20 mini flowers using Clover’s Mini Flower Loom and 1/8” wide ribbon, using both the square and round looms. Use three colors of your choice to make your mini flowers using the instructions included in the package of the Mini Flower Loom. This will set the tone for your design. In this arrangement Green, Red and Gold ribbon were used.Step 1.PNG
Step 2.
Thread your mini ower with a 10”, 22 gauge stem wire to form the top of the stem.Step 2.PNG

Step 3. Take 16 gauge stem wire bend a small hook at the end. Attach the
threaded 22 gauge wire through the hook and wrap around to connect the
two wires. Cover with oral tape for a finished look.11.jpg

Step 4. Place your block of florist foam in your vase, the shape of the foam needed will be determined by the shape of the vase. Insert all foliage in the vase and arrange in desired design. For a full look distribute foliage evenly throughout the vase. Step 4.PNG
Step 5.
Place mini flowers throughout arrangement. (This is where you get to be a florist.) Cut stem length as needed and evenly distribute your flowers throughout your project to give it a unique look.Step 5.PNG

Step 6. Cover the vase! Use 18” or longer cardstock to create a base for your ribbon. You can acquire the size needed by stapling two sheets together (size used is 2 sheets of 8 1/2“ x 11” cut to size.) Cut 5 strips of 1 1/2“ Holiday Inspired ribbon the length of the cardstock. Cover cardstock with ribbon using double sided tape slightly overlapping. Wrape vase with decorated cardstock, use craft glue or hot glue gun to seal.Step 6.PNG

Step 7.
Arrange two candy canes in an “X” shape and glue together using craft glue or hot glue gun. Tie candy canes with 3/5“ decorative ribbon.

Step 8. Attach candy canes to the center of the vase using craft glue or hot glue gun.Step 7.PNG

Place in your favorite area and enjoy!

Learn how to use our mini flower loom here:


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