New: Press Perfect Hot Ruler by Joan Hawley and Giveaway


The new Hot Ruler™ by Joan Hawley for Clover’s Press Perfect line is the much-anticipated cousin to our very popular Hot Hemmer. Ideal for larger measuring and pressing tasks such as: home dec, long hems, deep hems, large mitered corners. Making it perfect for today’s trends of ruffles, purse straps, pillow cases, full skirts and more.

7811_Hot_Ruler_with_PKG_WEB (2)

Unique non-slip surface helps hold fabric in place, offering better management of small hems or when working with delicate fabrics. The nylon fiberboard is heat resistant and can be pressed with a dry or steam iron.


The Hot Ruler is 2 ½” x 10”, compared to the Hot Hemmer at 6” x 5”, and is designed with basic ruler markings. We used a slightly darker ink on the Hot Ruler to help distinguish between the two tools at your work space.

Hot Ruler1RGB

The new Hot Ruler is a versatile tool with many applications. We designed it to be the size of the work space right in front of you. Not too big, not too small, we’ve packed a lot of function into its compact size.


Use the Hot Ruler to measure, fold and press long hems, binding and more. Simply fold the fabric over the edge, match to the size needed and press.

Hot Ruler2

For deep hems, measure up from the edge, make a mark.

Hot Ruler3

Do this at several points, then match the Ruler to the marks.

Hot Ruler4

Fold fabric over the edge, then press.

Hot Ruler5

For tight spaces, like a narrow pant leg, use the narrow edge of the Hot Ruler to measure, fold and press.

Hot Ruler6

For large mitered corners, align the Ruler with the miter fold. Here I’ve tucked it inside the fold. Then verify the angle by matching the miter line to the fabric edge as shown.

Hot Ruler7

Follow the link to find out how to win a new Hot Ruler by Joan Hawley. Three lucky winners will be chosen, make sure to enter today!!!


Hot Ruler Giveaway


To purchase items from the Press Perfect collection visit our website at

56 thoughts on “New: Press Perfect Hot Ruler by Joan Hawley and Giveaway

  1. Oh gosh, what won’t I be using from the Clover line of awesome products? I am planning to make Christmas tree skirts so I’ll definitely be using my Clover Wonder Clips to hold on the bias tape which I’ll be using the Bias Tape Makers to create. I’ll also be using my Chaco Liners on almost everything I will make because they are so easy to get a straight line and are easily removed later. I have those in multiple colors so no worries about fabric colors for me. I also have plans to make a few baby bibs, hot pads, and oven mitts and for those I will be using the Fusible Bias Tape Maker and the Fusible Web for the bias binding on those. And then also possibly if I can find time to make some American Girl Doll Clothes, I have a supply of the Double Sided Basting Tape to help me with those small pattern pieces to get them basted down so I won’t need to use pins since they’re so small.

  2. I would use the Clover Hot Ruler for many projects. I looked for one today at Joann’s, but could not find it. They had 60% off of notions and thought it would be a great deal. I did find some other things on the notions wall and my husband bought them for me for our anniversary today. (but he doesn’t know it yet, that he bought them. 🙂 ) We have been married 38 years today. 🙂

  3. I love my Hot Hemmer & use it frequently. The Hot Ruler will be a good addition to my arsenal of quality Clover tools. My granddaughter just got an 18″ doll so when I sew for her, I’ll be sewing a coordinating outfit for her doll. Hemming now will be so much easier!

  4. At the moment, I don’t own any Press Perfect tools, but I have now added two (both shown in this post) to my wishlist. There are several other Clover products that I’d also like to have.

  5. I have the Hot Hemmer and use it lots; no more burned fingers like my old metal one caused! Often, I have wished it to be bigger/longer so I am glad to see that there is the new Hot Ruler. I’d be overjoyed to win this new tool.

  6. Love my Hot Hemmer! I use it for everything… This past week I used it to measure and press the quilt blocks I was sewing, it was a great help. Looking forward to working with the Ruler as well..

  7. The Iron Finger and the Hold It Precision Stiletto are the two tools I reach for most often. I REALLY need this new Hot Ruler. My only complaint about the Hot Hemmer was that it was too small! I should have known that Joan would come up with a solution!

  8. Most definitely going to be using my Wedge Iron and hot hemmer ruler for making some lovely new skirts for my daughter and I. Having a 2 yr old wanting to look like mommy is awesome!

  9. Don’t tell but I often eyeball hems, I hate to do it and regret it when I do. So, a hot hemmed or hot ruler would be awesome to find in my stocking this year. I LOVE my Clover Wonder Clips, 5-in-1 Gauge, and seam ripper. Use them every time I sew! This past weekend I made three handbags and used all three products (could’ve used the hot ruler for the straps!).

  10. The point Turner is perfect for the pillows I’m making for Christmas gifts. And the ruler would be a great tool to have in my collection

  11. I was going to pick up the Hot Hemmer, because I planned on making some patchwork pillows for gifts, but the ruler would be even better for finishing the envelope backs!

  12. I will be using my Clover Wonder Clips 🙂 They make life easier 🙂 I would also L-O-V-E a Hot ruler to add to my Clover products!!!

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