Pom-Pom Yo-Yo Pillow Tutorial by Jennifer Heynen and Giveaway!!


Hi there, I am so excited to be here as part of my Stitch Kitsch blog tour. Leave a comment here at the Clover blog and one commentor will be chosen to win a copy of Stitch Kitsch



Half yard linen or quilting cotton for pillow

6” x 6” quilting cotton scraps for yo-yo’s

Clover Large Yo Yo Maker Tool

Yarn for pom pom’s

Clover Large Pom Pom maker Tool

Coordinating thread

Dissapearing ink pen or marker


Sewing Machine


  1. Cut two 18” x 18” squares for the pillow
  2. Make nine large yo-yo’s with the Clover Yo Yo Maker Tool.


  1. Set one piece aside and with the other, find the center of the pillow. With the ruler, draw a line vertically and horizontally on the pillow top with disappearing ink. Draw another line four inches from the center line on both sides of the horizontal line as well as the vertical line. At this point there should be a grid with nine intersections.


  1. Using pins, secure each of the yo yo’s to a intersection on the pillow top. With your sewing machine, top stitch on the grid lines in both directions. Go over the lines twice if desired.


6 7

  1. Make 4 large pom poms using the Clover Pom Pom Maker Tool. Leave long ties on the pom poms. Tie a knot just past the pom pom along the long ties. This knot will prevent the pom pom from pulling out when finished.


  1. Pin a pom pom to each corner of the pillow so the knot is just last the pins. When sewing in step 8. You’ll want to sew between the pom pom and the knot, so pin accordingly.


  1. With right sides facing, pin the front of the pillow to the back. Leave an opening of approximately six inches for turning. Sew around the outer edges using a 1/4” seam allowance.


  1. Turn and fill with fiberfill or pillow insert. Handsticth the opening closed.



Jennifer Heynen

More fun projects can be found at jenniferjangles.com

Stitch Kitsch can be found at CTPub.com

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41 thoughts on “Pom-Pom Yo-Yo Pillow Tutorial by Jennifer Heynen and Giveaway!!

  1. it’s been a long time since I made yoyo’s. Love the pillow
    the pom maker looks like fun. So much easier than the way I do.

  2. Cute pillow and ideas for using yo-yos. I have used some of clovers varies yo-yo makers and can always use more ideas. Would be awesome to win this clover prize

  3. We love our Clover pom pom maker! My daughter was eyeing a yo yo maker the other day– think that may be in her stocking this year — then we’ll be all set to make this fun pillow!

  4. I am so glad you posted this! I love making yo-yo’s, so this will give me an excuse to make more.I love your fabrics and tutorials. I have all of the clover yo-yo sizes.

  5. I bought the Clover Kanzashi Flower maker and have plans to make flowers for my granddaughters hair clips but I think a pillow like this would be nice too.

  6. I have used many Clover Products such as the pom pom maker, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and stitch markers.

  7. I just LOVE all of Jennifer’s fabric, trim, tutorials, patterns, BOOKS everything is so colorful and bright it say “HAPPY” to me !!!!! I commented on her blog I have made curtains & pillows & toys with pom poms & yo yo’s but these would make life SOOOOOO much eaiser & faster …

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