Halloween Craft: Skelly Necklace!


Today’s the first day of Fall which means it’s officially time for some creepy crafting! This week we’re celebrating by kicking Halloween prep off with a skull-turning necklace, crocheted using chunky, black & white jersey yarn and a Jumbo Amour hook. Speaking of, this project will surely get your kids hooked on crochet. Created using only the chain stitch it’s a great, first project that your baby boos can make with friends. Looking for a treat for teacher? This necklace will do the trick! So chain on and have some fun using your crochet skills for stitching Skelly. Enjoy!


Approx. 3.5 oz., t-shirt or  jersey yarn ( I used this.)
Size U.S. P/Q (15 mm) Clover Jumbo Amour hook
Over-sized wooden barrel bead, or unfinished napkin ring
White craft paint
Sponge brush
Black marker

Finished Length
Hangs approx 17″/43 cm long


  • Crochet three chains, respectively measuring: 24″/61 cm, 28″/71 cm, and 34″/86 cm long.

Fasten off; set aside.


  • Paint bead white; let dry.
  • Using marker, draw skeleton face onto bead.



  • Lay crocheted chains on a table from shortest to longest, and looped to create necklace shape.
  • Slide 3 tails from one end of loop up through bead; knot tails from both ends.
  • Slide bead back over knot. Trim tails.

Yarn Arts Ambassador for Clover

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