Tool School with Steve Butler, Nancy Zieman Fusibles

nz fuse

What is it? – Interfacing is used in many sewing and craft projects to provide extra support, body, reinforcement or shape.  Basically it enhances our creative potential by allowing us to do things beyond the capability of the fabric alone.  A fusible interfacing is a specific type of interfacing that has a heat activated adhesive applied to it.  This “fusible” type interfacing allows us to simply iron it into place.  Clover and Nancy Zieman have taken this convenience a step further in the development of four really cool fusible interfacing tools.  In each application they make the creative process fun, fast and accurate.

What does it do? – Many sewing and craft projects benefit significantly with the addition of some special little accessorizing touches.  Unfortunately many of these little touches are very often labor intensive.  Clover fusibles to the rescue!

Wrap ‘n Fuse Piping – Piping is a great way to accent any project but if you want a perfect match to your intended fabric you’re going to have to make it yourself.  Cutting cords, fabric, basting and then sewing it all together on your machine is time consuming, tedious and fraught with potential for error.  With Wrap ‘n Fuse Piping it’s a snap and your piping is perfect every time.  Simply wrap your fabric around the Wrap ‘n Fuse material, iron it in place, trim to size and you’re good to go.  Wrap n’ Fuse Piping is available in three sizes, either 3/8″ x 2.2 yards,  3/16″ x 2.2 yards or 3/16″ x 6 yards.

9512 Wrap-N-Fuse

Fuse ‘n Bind “Fusible Binding Tape” – You’ve just finished some place mats, pot holders, a wall hanging or some other sewing or craft project and you need a binding.  What’s the fastest, most accurate way to do it?  Place the one inch Fuse ‘n Bind to the center of your 2” coordinating fabric; then iron to fuse into place.  Iron the seam allowance on one side of the interface at ½” and sew along the top edge of the other side of the interface. When you fold it in half you’ll have the perfect half inch binding… easy, fast and ready to sew in place.  Fuse ‘n Bind is available in either 2 or 6 yard lengths.

9573 Fuse N Bind 2yds

Fuse ‘n Gather “Fusible Gathering Tape” – Gathering reduces a large area of fabric to a smaller area resulting is small folds that add fullness to your fabric.  Ordinarily it involves a lot of figuring, measuring, basting and adjusting to get a uniform look.  Fuse ‘n Gather make a potentially complex operation simple.  Just iron the tape onto the wrong side of your fabric with the blue threads up.  Tie the threads together at either end and pull the threads on the other end to achieve the desired appearance.  Attach to your project and you are done.  Fuse ‘n Gather is available in either 5/8″ x 6 yard or 5/8″ x 15 yard lengths.


Create-a-Strap – There are many uses for reinforced straps.  We think of them primarily for purses or totes but they are also wonderful for pocket openings, decorative seams or anywhere we need a little extra strength or shape.  Just iron the Create a Strap fusible onto the wrong side of your fabric, fold the edges over at the perforations and iron again to hold the crease in place.  For free standing projects you can sew a decorative ribbon or fabric accessory over the seams to give it a more complete, finished look.  Create a Strap is available in either 5/8″ x 2.2 yard or 1.25″ x 2.2 yard lengths.

9510 Create-A-Strap

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