Big Apple Lemon Drive

Lemon 2

Want to be part of making history and have lots of fun doing it? Want to promote your guild or group and win some money for it? Join the Craft Yarn Council in its Big Apple Lemon Drive to draw awareness about the stress-busting benefits of knitting and crochet!

Why the need for lemons in NYC you ask?

Inspired by the success of its Stitch Away Stress campaign in April, the Council wants to have some more fun with the stress-reducing benefits of knitting and crochet… this time on one the most stressful days of the year, April 18, 2016, otherwise known as Tax Day!

April also happens to be National Stress Awareness Month (you get the connection).

With the help of your guild or group, the Council plans to hand out thousands of knitted and crocheted lemon stress balls with a message about the stress-reducing benefits of these crafts to taxpayers on the busy streets of New York City. Hopefully, they will be inspired to take up knitting or crochet and experience the health benefits themselves!

(courtesy of

To learn more visit and to sign up click here!

Watch Twinkie Chan make a lemon from start to finish!!!

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