Quilt! Knit! Stitch! 2015 Clover’s Flower of the Hour

Flower of the Hour

It’s that time in the year once again for Quilt! Knit! Stitch! in Portland! We will be there of course, and we hope to see you too. Learn more about the show and how to purchase your tickets at the official website www.quilts.com

Join us August 13-15 from 11-5pm in the Flower Garden where we will be doing the Flower of the Hour. We will be showing you how to make flower accessories that are easy to add to any project and every hour we will be using a different tool, you definitely don’t want to miss this!!! Take a look at some of the tools we will be using and make sure to stop by our booth at #2247

Pom-Pom Makers

“Hana-Ami” Flower Loom

Mini Flower Loom

Kanzashi Flower Makers

Flower Frill

Crocheted Flowers

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