Tool School Mini Beading Loom


Clover Mini Beading Loom with instructor Steve Butler 

What is it? – As children, many of us went to scout camp or attended other summer activities where beading was a staple activity.  It was fun, fast, creative and we were left with something that was uniquely ours. Unknowingly that was our introduction to an art form that was thousands of years old.  From the earliest of times our ancestors were accessorizing their clothes, their tools and even themselves with beads.  They were worn, traded and valued by the owner.  Happily bead weaving is alive and well today and made modern by the creation of a plethora of new bead types as well as some highly functional bead looms.  Made from both natural and synthetic materials, beads are now described by characteristics of finish, refractive index, opacity or internal glitter.

The resulting creative potential is virtually unlimited.  And now Clover has made bead weaving easier and even more convenient with the introduction of the new Clover Mini Beading Loom. The Mini Beading loom is a great introduction to the process of Bead Weaving without a huge investment of both time or money.  It’s perfect for those smaller accessory projects that may not require all of the features of a full size loom such as rings, pins, earrings medallions. Larger projects can still be created like bracelets and necklaces by using woven segments. An added feature is its portability.  Just slip it into a pocket or purse and take it with you. Work on your project anywhere, anytime.  By the way, it’s still fun, fast, creative and we’re left with something that is uniquely ours.


What does it do? – The Clover Mini Beading Loom enables you to create smaller beaded objects for jewelry or clothing accessories.   The loom itself is made of a strong polypropylene material. It is rectangular in shape, allowing you to wrap the warp threads either vertically or horizontally as appropriate to your intended design.  The kit comes complete with a beading needle, a needle threader and a darning needle.  The darning needle is used to raise the warp threads at the point of application to make it easier to insert the weft threads.  Whether you use a commercial design or make an original beaded design, the Clover Mini Beading Loom is the perfect tool to accomplish your beading vision.

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For inspiration visit under project sheets and download free project sheets today!

Beading 1PS Summer Frost

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