Wonder Knitter: Kid’s Cat Headband!


I don’t know about you fellow parents, but my youngest kiddo wants to be entertained. All. Of. The. Time. As we hit the homestretch of school break, I’ve found that it’s harder and harder to find things to do that don’t require me acting as her own, personal cruise director! So, as I have my whole life, I turn to crafting for some solace.

Thanks to the Wonder Knitter, kids can create knit pieces with relative ease. With that in mind, I set-off to collaborate with my kitty-fanatic daughter! We came up with a cute-as-a-kitten headband (the tail was all her idea!) that’s constructed by sewing together one, continuous strand of Wonder Knitting. We took turns knitting, I assembled, and voila: a kids craft that’s the cat’s meow! Here’s how you can make one, too.

1 ball, bulky-weight yarn (I used, Patons Classic Wool Roving, in color: Natural)
Clover Wonder Knitter
Clover Jumbo Tapestry Needle
1 felt sheet each, in 2 ear colors
Felt scraps in 3 colors for eyes
Sewing needle & thread OR felt glue


Finished Size
Toddler (Child)

Finished Measurements
Fits 18″(20″)/ 46(51) cm head

Knit headband fabric:

  • Using Wonder Knitter with bulky disk and yarn, knit an 84″(92″)/213.5(234) cm piece.
  • Fasten off.


Assemble headband:

  • Make an 18″(20″)/ 46(51) circle with end of piece; use tapestry needle and yarn to sew into place (this will be the back of your project). You now have the top of your headband.
  • Wrap the piece in a spiraling formation, taking care to measure every round to ensure circumference stays the same, using whip stitch (or whatever stitch gets the job done for you!) to sew rounds together, 4 times, and ending at the back.
  • Make an extra stitch or two to secure piece, letting the last 12″/30.5 cm or so hang. This will be the cat’s tail.
  • Weave in ends; flip piece over so tail hangs downward.


Make cat face:

  • Using template as guide, cut outer & inner ear, nose, and eye component pieces out of appropriately colored felt. Cut 6, matchstick thin pieces of grey felt for whiskers.

cat band template

  • Using needle & thread OR glue attach pink, inner ear to outer ear pieces. If you’re sewing, also pinch ears and tack to create a pucker at the bottom-center (see below). Attach ears to inside of the top-front of headband.


  • Assemble 3 layers of eye components; attach eyes to upper-front of headband.


  • Attach whiskers, then layer and attach nose to lower-front of headband.

That’s it; you’re feline-fantastic!
@VickieHowell (on FB, Instagram & Twitter)
@iamvickiehowell (Pinterest)
Yarn Arts Ambassador, Clover Needlecraft

Psst! Bookmark this project for a gift, Halloween, or ski season!

3 thoughts on “Wonder Knitter: Kid’s Cat Headband!

  1. That is sooooo clever. What a great craft project for a wee cat lover. It would work for a girl or a boy. So fun.

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