One Year of Tool School!!!

Tool School GiveawayWe are pleased to celebrate one year of Tool School during the month of July. Throughout the year we have explored Clover tools with Steve Butler the sales manager here at Clover. Steve has expertise in the sewing and needlecraft industry. Co-founder of Superior Threads. Steve has taught numerous classes at all major sewing machine conventions, regional trade shows, international Quilt Market, various machine embroidery venues and has been a four time repeat guest on Martha Pullen’s popular PBS series, “Martha’s Sewing Room”.

We’ve had a blast and hope you have too! We want to celebrate by doing a special giveaway on the first three tools from Tool School, the 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge the Hot Hemmer and the No Hassle Triangles Gauge. If you haven’t been with us through the entire journey, don’t worry you can still look at all past Tool School posts here on our blog and coming soon to our website Sign up for Tool School Today!

Tool_School_Button [2]

Three lucky people will receive one item from the first three Tool Schools, follow the link to find out how!!

Enter to win a tool from one of the three first Tool Schools

24 thoughts on “One Year of Tool School!!!

  1. Loved Tool School! To many favorite moments and my favorite new product I learned about was Wonder Clips. Use them in both my cross stitching and sewing but there are some many wonderful products I have purchased since following this series!

  2. Tool School is handy! I love my 5 in 1 gauge and my Wonder Clips. This is where I found out how handy they could be.

  3. Can’t go wrong with any Clover product; I own several with my favorite being the Wonder Clips. Don’t have any of the three you have in the giveaway yet. Thanks for the Tool School videos. Love seeing how your products can be used.

  4. Things have evolved so much since the early 80’s with my mechanical pencil and very first see through rulers! Now that I am retired and with a bulging fabric stash it is time to explore all the possibilities that are before me. Clover has always been my “go-to” brand so now it’s imperative that I learn what’s out there and how best to use them! Bitten by the bug!

  5. I’ve watched several episodes. I love the hot hemmer the blue stilletto and the iron finger and bought all of them. The next thing on my list is the 6-in-1 stitch guide. THanks for the great giveaway.

  6. I am a new fan so haven’t had my Tool School moment yet… Wish to have many such moments in the future… All the products look great.. 🙂

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