“Hana-Ami” Embellished Summer Bag

Brighten up your summer with fun, colorful flowers made with the simple and easy “Hana-Ami” Flower Stitch technique!


Bag of your choosing (we used a bag with a basket weave for a summer look)


Fabric Glue

“Hana-Ami” Flower Loom

Step 1: Refer to instructions included in “Hana-Ami” packaging to construct 14 large round flowers using the raffia in three contrasting colors.

*Please note we used the double-layered flower pattern to get the look shown in the picture.


Back Stitch

Step 2: Plan an arrangement on your bag this will be determined by the size and shape of your bag. We used a simple method of doing rows of flowers each time subtracting one.

Step 3: Glue all flowers onto the bag and your finished!!!!

This was an easy way to transform an ordinary bag into a colorful summer bag!!! You can use these flowers to embellish just about anything..

clover basket

Purchase your “Hana-Ami” Flower Loom here!!!

Hana Ami

2 thoughts on ““Hana-Ami” Embellished Summer Bag

  1. Love it. I think I’d like to use a bulky yarn…just for a softer look. Just ordered the loom and love it.

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