Tool School with Steve Butler 6-in-1 Stick ‘n Stitch Guide by Nancy Zieman


Tool School with Instructor Steve Butler
6-in-1 Stick ‘n Stitch Guide by Nancy Zieman
What is it?– We take such great care with our sewn projects.  Crafts, quilts, fashion, home décor, it doesn’t matter what.  We envision exactly what we want to create.  Once we have that picture, everything about it has to be just perfect.  Patterns, fabrics, threads, and accessories are all selected with great care.  We measure, mark, cut, pin and press with precision.  And then, well, then we put it all together.  We sit down at our sewing machine and put thread to fabric.  And that has to be perfect too.  Unfortunately that’s easier said than done.  And if the stitches aren’t in the right place, what then?  We take them out and start over.  That’s time consuming and frustrating.  It’s also unnecessary.  Nancy Zieman and Clover have collaborated once again to bring you a new sewing tool that will enable you to place all your stitches with precision every time and on every project.
What does it do? Clover’s 6-in-1 Stick’n Stitch Guide is truly a multi function tool that will make sewing even the most difficult and demanding applications of thread to fabric a breeze.  The stitch guide itself is a two piece interlocking plastic guide.  They can be used together or separately depending on your stitching application.  Connection with your sewing machine is accomplished by a renewable adhesive attached permanently to the bottom of each guide.  Just remove the guides when you’re done.  They leave no adhesive residue.  The shapes and edges of each guide makes it perfect for a multitude of sewing applications.  A handy template ensures that the stitch guide is always in the correct position.  So how’s it used?

  • Both sections together for straight stitching
  • One foot on either side of the needle for quilt strips or precision top stitches
  • Curve side up for outer curves
  • Curve side down for inner curves
  • Top stitch right side
  • Top stitch left side

Watch Tool School Here

2 thoughts on “Tool School with Steve Butler 6-in-1 Stick ‘n Stitch Guide by Nancy Zieman

  1. This looks like a fantastic tool. Is it available now? Can you please show how to use it for curves?
    Thank you

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