Love at First Press and a Giveaway by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs

Have you ever had a tool or notion that was so essential you couldn’t imagine going without it? I can think of plenty in my tool box that fit that bill. Today I want to tell you about the 2×4 Mighty Mini Board and a giveaway!

Small Size, Big Features

The 2×4 Mighty Mini Board is chock full of features and design considerations. Want to know what I told Clover when we talked about creating a small board? I said I want it all. After having owned a number of small boards that all left me aggravated, I had a pretty stern checklist of features, size, shape, etc. Clover delivered on every single item!

Mighty Mini Diagram

What You Don’t See

You can see that the Mighty Mini is loaded with features. But what you can’t fully appreciate until you try it is the ‘oh my gosh’ factor.

Here’s what I mean. Do you ever find yourself bending over your regular ironing board to get a closer look at your work? Do you wish you had an extra hand to help control a project while pressing? Hate wrestling with a project to get it flat on the board? Have you ever struggled to wrangle something onto your regular board? Solving these problems are the oh my gosh moments where you’ll thank yourself for having this tool at your fingertips.

I Can See!

One of the biggest things I like about the Mighty Mini is purely basic. By using it on top of my regular board, it raises my project up and brings it closer to me. I can see what I’m doing and isolate part of the project.

An Extra Hand?

By using the Mighty Mini on top of your regular board or other surface, the board isolates and controls part of your project and forces the rest to relax nearby, no longer pulling and in charge.

Getting Flat

Things are easier to press when they are flat. By raising the pressing surface a few inches, a shirt collar obeys the Mighty Mini Board and the rest of the shirt hangs out on the regular board, waiting its turn.

A small board offers great control!

   A small board offers great control!

A Good Fit

Lots of big projects have small parts, nooks, crannies, etc. They don’t all fit on the regular ironing board. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an ironing board that fit those tough challenges? Use the Mighty Mini to press the small stuff and the regular board for the rest.

Isolate a seam without pressing creases nearby

Isolate a seam without pressing creases nearby

So, if you are like me, you know a good tool when it crosses your path you can tell that it was designed by someone who uses it in real life and it solves problems.

What’s New and a Giveaway

The 2×4 Mighty Mini Board is part of my Press Perfect line of notions from Clover Needlecraft. The newest member of this line is the Iron Shine Cleaning Pen. Watch the video below for a quick demo. Your iron benefits from a regular cleaning.

We’ll choose three lucky people to win a Press Perfect item featured in this post. Click the link to find out how!

Press Perfect Items Giveaway

97 thoughts on “Love at First Press and a Giveaway by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs

  1. I am seeing more and more Clover products being copied by other companies and I believe it’s because they recognize the absolute usefulness and great quality that Clover products have. I have many and I use them.

    • Here at Clover we do pride ourselves in bringing the innovation to our customers first. We thank you for being a Clover fan and we hope you’ll continue to follow us. Make sure to enter the giveaway to win our new Iron Shine Cleaning Pen!

  2. I love this clover product and would love to have one! What a great idea. I am currently trying to do just that with a towel wrapped wooden rolling pin. Your solution is so much better! I hope I win. I am a fan of Clover products and their quality. Thank you.

  3. I like the iron cleaning pen Idea. I have used the cream that you put on a cloth and clean, but no matter what technique I use, I tend to burn my fingers.

  4. i already have a number of press perfect tools and LOVE them. would love to add these 2 to my collection! thanks for the opportunity.

  5. I can already tell that the 2×4 Mighty Mini Board is going to be a favorite of mine! Much better than a sleeve roll or a ham for my most needed purposes.

  6. So far my favorite Perfect Press tool is the Iron Finger but I know I’m going to love the Iron Shine Cleaning Pen!!!

  7. I have a lot of Clover products, but none for this. Hopefully I will win one and can give it a try and then report back. I am sure it is a wonderful item like the ones I own already.

  8. I have the iron and just bought the board, would love to would love to have another one! It is a terrific tool and portable to take to the senior craft group I teach so it would be great to have one to leave at the center for when I am not there.

  9. Pressing as you sew is an important step in the fabrication of clothing, quilts and smaller projects. I’m so tired of trying to make the huge corners of the ironing board work for me. Can’t wait to get this tool added to my sewing station. Keep up the wonderful innovations!

  10. I really love Clover products and they are usually what I reach for when working on my projects. Just used my Hot Hemmer and Iron Finger on the tote bag I’m sewing. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!!!

  11. Fabulous products! I do need to get one of these, I got an old one from another company but is flimsy and is frustrating to use it, thanks for beinging quality products at accessible prices!

  12. I love the mini board! I, too, have had several mini’s, but all of them came up short in the requirements fulfilled arena. Thank you, Clover, for getting this into the marketplace.

  13. One of my favorite Clover products is the Mini Pressing Mitt for touch-ups (not sure that the official name), but it makes getting ready for work in the morning a snap!

  14. I am so glad that a quilter is creating items that really make sense for quilters! The iron cleaning pen is so clever but that little ironing board would have to be my choice! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. My favorite Press Perfect tool so far is the Hot Hemmer. But I could so see the Mini Board becoming my new favorite!

  16. Don’t think my comment showed up-I like the Iron Finger and Hot Hemmer-saves my hands from getting burned while ironing!

  17. I make a lot of doll clothing, this would help me out in the sewing room, what a great product!

  18. I am new to this line (not to clover), but I love the idea of the Mini Board, I would love to get my fabric on that. Have a great day!

  19. This mini board is my absolute favorite. It will be wonderful for small projects! Thanks for the chance to win!

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