Tool School with Steve Butler, Iron Shine Cleaning Pen


What is it? – By a show of hands how many of you really like to iron? Exactly, not many hands. We usually iron what we have to iron and not until we have to. The unfortunate fallout is that because of this our irons often become the most neglected tools in our sewing arsenal. Through the process of creating our masterpieces our irons pick up deposits from the materials we use. Sizing, fusibles, spray adhesives and sticky back stabilizers are some of the villains. It’s unavoidable. Take a look at your iron. When is the last time it looked new? In spite of all of this; however, our irons are an absolutely essential part of many sewing and crafting projects. So how do we get that new look and performance out of our old irons again? Yes, there are cleaners available but for the most part the cure is often worse than the disease and we usually end up having to clean up the clean up. What is the solution to these solutions? Working in collaboration with Joan Hawley, Clover has developed a revolutionary new iron cleaning tool, the Iron Shine Cleaning Pen. Now we have a pen style iron cleaning tool that is portable, clean and truly effective.

What does it do? – Until now cleaning our irons has been pure drudgery. It becomes an event in and of itself requiring time and effort with questionable results. The Iron Shine Cleaning Pen has changed all of that.

Portable – Resembling a large felt tip pen, the Iron Shine can go everywhere with you, even sewing classes or quilting retreats. When you have the need to clean your iron just pull the Iron Shine out of your bag, remove the cap and you’re good to go!  Keep one at your ironing station at home and one in your travel bag.

•Clean – Because of the “scrubby tip” you only apply enough of the water based cleaning solution that is needed and no more. When you’ve cleaned the area in question, or even the entire iron, just wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Put the cap back on the pen and you’re done. No muss no fuss.

•Effective – Because of the large rectangular shape of the scrubbing tip you can clean both broad open areas of the plate with the wide side or reach into the steam holes or plate crevices with the narrow edge. The solution in the pen dissolves unwanted deposits on contact. For the more stubborn stains just warm the iron up on minimum heat for a minute and they’ll come right off. The Iron Shine Cleaning Pen works on all irons with both bare metal or coated surfaces.



After using Iron Shine Cleaning Pen by Joan Hawley


Highlights-The Iron Shine Cleaning Pen is innovative across the board. The pen-style applicator, scrubby tip and water-based cleaning fluid are a new approach to easily maintaining a clean iron with no mess or harsh fumes. The Iron Shine allows you to control the clean – see what you are doing, clean the whole iron or spot clean, safely work with the iron off or warm. Safe for metal or coated soleplates, good for multiple cleanings.

-Joan Hawley Lazy Girl Designs

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