Sewing and Quilting Items for Spring!!!

See what’s new for Spring!!!  Clover is excited to introduce items in the sewing and quilting category. Come see these items in action at booth # 2301 at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis on May 15-17, 2015. We look forward to seeing you there!!


Flex ‘n Glide Bodkins Art No. 9581 
The Flex n Glide Bodkins by Nancy Zieman are long, flexible bodkins that will swiftly pull elastic or ribbons through casing. Two available in each package.
Clip ‘n Glide Bodkins Art No. 9582 
The Clip n Glide Bodkin by Nancy Zieman is along flexible bodkin that allows sewers/crafters to easily pull elastic through casing. The clip keeps a firm hold on elastic ends.
Elastic Lock Set Art No. 9583
The Elastic Lock Set by Nancy Zieman keeps elastic ends from slipping into the casing while easily gliding the beginning of the elastic through the casing.

6-in-1 Stick ‘n Stitch Guide Art No. 9584
The 6-in-1 Stick ‘n Stitch Guide by nancy Zieman is a two-piece interlocking guide with ideal shapes and edges for perfect stitching. It features a reusable and re-positionable adhesive guide on the underside for easy adjustment. Perfect for straight stitching strips, and curve stitching.

Jumbo Wonder Clips (12pc.) Art No. 3186
Great holding capacity for many crafts.
Guide scale located on the base of
Wonder Clip for ease of measurement.
Iron Shine Cleaning Pen Art No. 7810
Clover’s Iron Shine Cleaning Pen from the Press Perfect line by Joan Hawley is innovative across the board. The pen style applicator, scrubby tip and water-soluble cleaning fluid are a new approach to easily maintaining a clean iron with no mess or harsh fumes. The Iron Shine allows controlling what is cleaned; the user can see what they are doing, clean the whole iron or spot clean, safely work with the iron off. It’s safe for metal or coated sole plates and good for multiple cleanings.

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