I *heart* Weaving Sticks!



Weaving Sticks in action!

Last year I was at TNNA (an industry trade show) where I spied Clover’s Weaving Sticks for the first time. I was mesmerized by these wooden tools that looked like my beloved bamboo knitting needles, but with a hole at the bottom and held together in sets of 2-6! I hovered around the booth for a bit, but for some reason felt shy about asking to use a pair. When I got home, however I went straight to the craft store and bought a pack.

I’d been crushing on some of the woven tapestries and wall hangings I’d seen a lot of on Pinterest, but didn’t have the time to sit down and learn how to use my loom. I thought, though that the mobility of these sticks (read: throw in my bag to use while on the sidelines of a kids’ activity or in a waiting room for an appointment) paired with their ease of use would work perfectly not only to make strips that would become the background of a cool wall hanging, but also with my busy, working-mom-of-3 lifestyle. Happily, I was right, which resulted in some great, affordable, stress-free wall-decor for my home. #Winning!


My DIY Wallhanging, made using Weaving Sticks. See how to make your own HERE.

During that time and since, I’ve posted photos of Weaving Stick, works-in-progress on Facebook and Instagram. It turns out I’m not the only one excited about them — with over 2,000 likes on one Facebook post alone, it’s clear that knitters, crocheters, and crafters alike are ready and willing to (stick) weave! Since the main question I was asked is, “How do you use them?”, I thought I’d give you an iPhone view (kind of like a bird’s eye view, but with a rectangular perspective) of the how-to basics. Click below and see!

Now that you know how to use Weaving Sticks, I bet you’re dying for some great projects to apply that newfound knowledge to, right? Well, lucky for you craft editor, Ashley Little has written a booklet packed with 12 projects that fit the crafty bill. Oh, and the extra lucky part is that Clover’s giving away three copies of said booklet: Super Simple Stick Weaving!

Enter to win HERE.

Grab a set of sticks and get weaving. Trust me; once you start, you won’t wanna stop.



P.S. Keep your peepers peeled for a Winter-themed, Weaving Stick wall-hanging in the premier issue of Craft.girl Magazine (Interweave) — hits newsstand this Fall!

4 thoughts on “I *heart* Weaving Sticks!

    • We highly recommend doing a project with your grandchildren maybe use two sticks to weave bracelets. This will instantly give them an end result and will introduce them to the fun of weaving!!

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