Press Perfect and Bendy Bag Pattern Giveaway! Also Pressing Tips by Joan Hawley

Have you seen the new Bendy Bag pattern from Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs? We at Clover have been seeing it everywhere – at shows, online, in our mailbox! That’s right, we have Bendy and we’re hosting a giveaway. Read on for Joan’s pressing tips and to enter the giveaway.



Bendy is a fun and funky little bag with a cool zipper that’s easy to install. Bendy is great for toting tools, cords, and lots of other stuff.

Bendy Bag LGD134_b

Pressing Tips for Bendy
Bendy is a perfect example of why Joan designed the Press Perfect line of notions with Clover Needlecraft. Bendy is a small bag that doesn’t fit on the ironing board and that presents pressing challenges. Joan says we are making things we didn’t used to make and we need new tools. Let’s take a look at the tools and how Joan uses them on Bendy.

Press Perfect Bendy

Iron Finger #7802
The Iron Finger is made of heat resistant silicone, and is designed to be used in place of your finger at the ironing board. The handle is similar in width to a broom handle and you can iron right on it. Here the Iron Finger is used to press seams during construction. Just place it inside the project to support a seam or detail, then press with an iron. It’s also handy for turning points and final pressing.

Iron Finger

2×4 Mighty Mini Board #7800
The Mighty Mini Board is the product that got Press Perfect started – it is an essential for Joan in her bag making. It’s a rectangular ironing board roughly the size and shape of a 2×4 piece of wood. It offers a convenient way to press small details, long seams, nooks/crannies, etc. Here, Bendy fits on the end to press and shape nicely. Press the back of the bag, then rotate Bendy and press the sides for a beautiful finish. PS – that’s the Press Perfect Iron Safe on the iron soleplate shown.

Press Bendy Mighty MiniPress Bendy Side

Touch Up Pressing Mitt #7808
The Mitt is like both a pressing ham and a seam roll in one, with your hand tucked safely inside. Slide your hand into the mitt, then reach inside Bendy for pressing. The mitt is bendable and can be manipulated by your hand during pressing. Push and shape the mitt into a corner, narrow area, or small surface and use your fingers to add pressure for support or detail. Think of the way Play-doh can be smooshed and manipulated. Take your hand out of the Mitt then fold, roll, push, shape the mitt to fit where and how you need it like a seam roll.

Press Bendy Mitt Mitt_1

See all of the Press Perfect by Joan Hawley tools at the Clover website here.

Press Perfect Tool Demo
Want to see more? Here are video demos for all ten Press Perfect by Joan Hawley items. Each tool has its own 1-2 minute demo and the videos will automatically play one right after the next. So just let the video run to see each of the tools.

Joan loves and recommends our Wonder Clips to aid in construction of all her designs. She loves the new multi-colored clips, available in 10 or 50 packs.

Have you tried any Press Perfect notions? Consider leaving a review at Amazon here



Order Bendy and Press Perfect

Order through your local quilt shop, or online.



Enter to win a Touch up Pressing Mitt by Joan Hawley, here!!!

Bendy Bag Pattern and Touch Up Pressing Mitt by Joan Hawley Giveaway




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