8 thoughts on “Lone Star Table Topper with Nancy Zieman

  1. Have used other Clover Trace and Create template products and highly recommend them. Am curious why this set is named for Lone Star. The image and the pattern historically has always been called Lemoyne star by all references back to the 1800’s. Lone Star is made of multiple sets of small diamond shapes which make up large diamonds that compose (usually) one central big star.

    • That is a great point. The template for Lone Star in essence is helping you to create diamonds in four different sizes. You do make up your lone star with multiple diamonds depending on what size you want your Lone Star will determine which size of the Lone Star diamond template you will use. You are correct the project sheet is the LeMoyne star for the sake of having beginners use this project sheet but the Lone Star template is being used, which explains the title. The great thing about Nancy’s templates is the versatility with one template you can make a Lone or LeMoyne star in four different sizes, talk about value!!

      • Great explanation, now I can see the template set is truly more versatile than it seemed at first. Thank you for the reply, and again I really recommend Clover templates. As a novice quilter, my skills get better with every Clover tool I have used.

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