Tool School Weaving Sticks


What is it? – Stick weaving is a traditional art form made modern by Clover with Weaving Sticks. Just how old it is no one can truly say. Not even Wikipedia knows for sure when or where it came to be. There is little doubt that this simple method of weaving was initially utilitarian by nature intended primarily for making clothing and other needed implements by ancient ancestors. Weaving Sticks are so simple to use that anyone, regardless of age, ability or skill level, can create beautiful and useful woven items. Techniques, materials and imagination make anything you can imagine possible and all of it very personal to the creator. It’s faster than knitting or crochet and just as portable. With Clover’s Weaving Sticks, creativity can truly be at anyone’s finger tips at all times.

What does it do? – Weaving with Weaving Sticks is a very simple technique in which the weaver selects both warp and weft from a wide variety of materials. Yarns of any shape and size, fabric strips, leather or plastic braiding, cording or any combination of those materials provide an unending selection of creative mediums. The warp materials are threaded through holes in the base of each weaving stick and can be any length. The first weft strip is a knot tied around a single weaving stick. Then simply weave over and under, back and forth until the desired project length is achieved. The width is controlled by using two or more of the six sticks provided in each kit. For more width, a darning needle is supplied to enable the attachment of parallel horizontal rows. Weaving Sticks are available in two sizes, thick and thin. Choose the size that best suits your creative intent. Here’s an idea! Load several beads onto the weft yarn before starting your project and then feed them into the weaving project for a truly unique, defining appearance.

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