On the Road….. To Bead True Blue 2015

Clover on the Road….. To Bead True Blue 2015

Clover is on the road all year long spreading the word on our latest and greatest. This week the Clover team is heading to To Bead True Blue in Tucson, AZ. Visit us at Booth 231-232. As always, we’ll be providing hands on demonstrations on some of our newest products including the Mini Beading Loom and Mini Flower Loom. Check out some inspiration on these new items below.

We’ve updated our tradeshow calendar, you can follow along throughout the year:          2015  Tradeshow Calendar


Pendant made with Clover’s Mini Beading Loom


Necklace made with Clover’s Mini Flower Loom



2 thoughts on “On the Road….. To Bead True Blue 2015

  1. I am not sure where to send this request.
    Hello & To Whom It May Concern,
    I have been attempting to get several sets of the Clover Mini Plastic circular knitting needles for our knitting group, but have not had any luck. Their item #’s were 51-442, 51-444, 51-446, 51-448, 51-450 & their colors were lavendars & greens. Our group consists of about 20 members & a few have these needles, but the rest of us have not had much luck. I tried to attach a picture for your reference, but with not luck. Could you help us track down these so that all of group could have a set. The members that do have these LOVE that the cord/ribbon on the needles is wide & keeps the stitches more uniform & flows so smoothly. Please help us out!!

    Thank you Sincerely,

    Kent Gordner


    6446 State Route 42

    Unityville, PA USA 17774


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