Tool School with Steve Butler, Iron Finger by Press Perfect

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What is it? – So much of what we do in sewing requires precision ironing. Careful pressing equals flat hems and seams. However, tiny hems, seams, points, appliqué and delicate creative shapes allow little space for stabilizing our projects while we press. The problem arises when we get that hot iron in close proximity to our cool fingers. Too close and it’s sailor talk and nobody wants that. So how do we accommodate the creative demands of our project while protecting our fingers? Simple, put Clover’s Iron Finger to work. It’s a modern tool designed for modern sewing and craft techniques and applications. Designed with emerging requirements in mind, this is truly a multifunction tool. Broom handles, wooden spoon handles, spatulas, etc., have all been used and advocated by the creatively innovative. Clover’s Iron Finger combines the benefits of all of them into one tool and coated it with heat resistant silicon so nobody gets burned. The round handle is soft and easy to grip without slipping and the multi-shaped tip allows you to hold your fabric or craft surfaces securely while you press them.

What does it do? – The Iron Finger allows you to hold, shape and press any number of materials with efficiency and safety.

  • Most notably the Iron Finger can hold your fabric and allow you to press right up to it without concern for heat damage. The finest, most detailed ironing applications are now easy.
  • The spatula tip is a great substitute for finger pressing. It’s narrow enough to get into the tightest spaces and has just enough flexibility to smooth your fabric. You can even roll the Iron Finger across your fabric to press seams open..
  • Need to press a narrow seam without creasing the edges of a narrow tube shape? Easy. Simply slide the Iron Finger into the tube shape lined up with the seam and iron away. Flat seam, no creases. Don’t want seam imprints ironed through your fabric, same process. Again, easy.
  • The Iron Finger can also be used to turn or point fabric that is loosely woven or knitted. The broad point or spatula shape manipulates the fabric but doesn’t poke through.

Watch Tool School Here!

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