Point 2 Point Turner by Joan Hawley


An essential tool for any sewing room has always been a basic point turner. It’s simply handy for so many tasks that it’s nice to have one for every work area.

Point2Point diagram

Our Point 2 Point Turner in the new Press Perfect line by Joan Hawley has features at both ends and all edges so the whole tool is loaded with functionality.

It’s like the Swiss Army knife of point turners!

Point 2 Point is 6 tools in one:
– 2 Point Turners
– 2 Curved edges to push out seams
– Finger Presser
– Hera Marker

It’s also longer than other turners so there is more to hold on to, giving it better visibility, control and utility.

It’s left/right handed and has a big beefy center for an easy grip. It’s made of hard resin plastic material so it’s strong.

End Point Turner
The traditional end point turner is perfect for reaching into those areas that have narrow access.

Point2Point 5

Side Point Turner
When you have room to work on a corner like this one, the side point allows you to approach from the side, with the grain of the fabric. We risk stretching across the bias with the traditional approach. But finally, we can push the point out with the grain and not stretch or distort the point.

Point2Point 2

Hera Marker
The sharp edge of a Hera Marker allows you to mark a line in the fabric without using any chemicals, pens, or markers. So you don’t have to worry about chemical marks showing up later, or through your fabric. It’s a quick and easy way to make a mark for placement of a design element.

Point2Point 3

Curved Seams
There is finally something to help push out along curved seams. The gently curved end will glide smoothly along a curved seam. This is also the Hera Marker, which is tapered to be very thin at the edge, allowing the curved edge to really get into the seam and do a nice job.

Point2Point 4

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