Why Takumi?

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Let’s say someone offered you the chance to produce the ultimate knitting needle, something that was perfect just for you.  What would you do?  I can tell you what Clover did.  Takumi has always been recognized as a purveyor of premium bamboo knitting needles.  We started with that and then took steps to determine where the knitting world was headed and what special needs might exist there.  We found amazing advances in the potential for creativity with the introduction of new knitting mediums, new techniques, new applications and a whole new host of enthusiastic knitters.  Then we endeavored to determine what changes in knitting needle design would compliment these emerging trends.  We went to designers, educators, store owners, and knitters everywhere.  The results of our research were illuminating but posed one problem.  We couldn’t get there from here.  The ideal knitting needle could not be made with existing technology.  Solution, Clover changed the technology and engineered an entire new array of manufacturing machinery.  A significant investment but the result was well worth it.

The new Takumi line of knitting needles boasts some really cool improvements.  As we talked with knitters across the country we found a growing interest in lace knitting or just knitting with finer fibers.  All Takumi knitting needles now have a redesigned finer point which allows them to pick up even the smallest loops.  The unique bamboo finish enhances smooth, fast knitting without being so “slick” that you have to fight to keep the stitches in place.  Circular needles have been upgraded as well.  The cords connecting the needle points have been changed to a stronger and more flexible material.  Absent the old “springiness” your knitted fabrics now lie smoothly between the knitting needles while you work.

And some things have not changed.  Sustainability is still very important to many of us and bamboo is one of the most sustainable products on earth.  The use of bamboo in the manufacture of Takumi knitting needles has minimal environmental impact and use no petrochemicals during production.  But it’s not just any bamboo that we use.  Clover continues to use only the finest, select materials in the production of Takumi knitting needles.  The finished product gives you the luxurious, uniquely comfortable feel of hand warmed bamboo and the precision and performance of the newly enhanced knitting needle design.   When other knitting needles are ready to be discarded, Takumi will have become treasured heirlooms that will continue to be part of your creative aspirations for years and generations to come.

Few things are more personal than knitted items. Yarns are carefully selected for both color and texture.  Each and every stitch is hand-made.  Our projects are both purposeful and personal with usually someone special in mind.  For a virtuoso knitting performance in creating your masterpiece, Takumi will always your instrument of choice.

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