Tool School in Session August 4!

It is finally here. We want to welcome you to Clover Tool School. Our teachers have been working all summer to prepare an interesting and productive year for you. We’ve selected our top sewing, knitting and crafts tools and prepared individual classes just for you. Each class will describe one quality Clover manufactured tool, tell you what it does and give you some ideas of how to present it to your friends. Classes will convene every two weeks for a review of something different. Our curriculum will center around major categories of sewing/quilting, knitting/needle arts and crafts.


What do we hope to accomplish ? – Clover Tool School is all about education. There are so many things to create and so many ways of creating and they all require a certain skill level to accomplish. To meet this need Clover has developed a wide range of sewing, knitting and crafts tools and notions that put even the most complicated techniques within everyone’s ability. These tools have been developed with the assistance of industry leaders like Nancy Zieman and Joan Hawley as well as our own staff and even some of you. By concentrating on just one tool at a time we hope everyone will be able to clearly see how that notion applies to their particular creative inspiration. Being able to achieve our creative intent is a wonderful thing. The resulting and continuing enthusiasm is too.

Curriculum – The following classes will comprise the first quarter of school. We’ll provide you with the following quarter’s classes as they become available.

August 4, Nancy Zieman’s 5-In-1 Sliding Gauge

August 18, Joan Hawley’s Hot Hemmer from the Press Perfect Program

September 1, Nancy Zieman’s No Hassle Triangle Gauge

September 15, Clover Rotary Cutter System

October 6, Clover Wonder Clips

October 20, Clover Dome Threaded Needle Case and Clover Desk Needle Threader

How do you use it? – Please use the classes in any way that is helpful to you.  Feel free to cut and paste sections into your own email blasts, newsletters, blogs or web sites. You can feature them in your classes or make them the “Notion of the Month”. You may even want to pre-order the individual products.



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