Knitting Notion Fun

photo[1]  All ready to knit for World Wide Knit in Public week, June 14-22! First though we need our basic tools.

1. First on my list is a pair of the Takumi Bamboo needles, circular or some single points. Bamboo is a great medium to start off with,especially if you are a beginner because it has enough grip and not too much slip like metals do. Plus, our bamboo is eco-friendly and it’s  more comfy and nice to our hands.



2. Point Protectors (Large 4 in a pack)


For Needle size 7 – 10 1/2. A knitting needle cap to prevent knitted stitches from falling off. These are life savers! Plus they are silicone based giving them enough grip to your needle, but not too much to keep your work on while you go about your day. Love these.

3. Knitting Counter Kacha-Kacha


Just click and knit or as the name implies “Kacha-kacha!” which is the Japanese word for the sound of something clicking. Besides, there is something nice about having a physical object to click when you are finished with a row.


4. Locking Stitch Markers with Clip


Attach notes to your stitches! Perforated notepad is included with a package of 6. Always handy when you need to even write a mental note about your design. Sometimes I even attach pieces of yarn to a row so I don’t forget what colors I’m going to switch to in that row. These little beauties are handy when working with any kind of needle work (sometimes theres a lot going on) What is that old proverb again…”The palest ink is better than the best memory”

5. Pattern Chart Maker Set


I think I saved the best tool for last (oh but it is so hard to pick just one favorite!) This nifty ruler opens up like a folder and has magnetic feet under it so it gently holds your place on your pattern sheet or book. Plus my Mother uses these to help her read each line in her recipe books. I’m sure if you bead or do anything that requires pattern work this is a must tool for you and it comes with two rulers in a package a small and large that is a win win.


Well, we want to wish you happy knitting this week, and if you don’t know how to knit and want to learn or maybe you’re an experienced knitter, The Knitting Channel is a great resource!

“The Knitting Channel” with Jill Moray


Jill Moray, the host of The Knitting Channel™ and The Hollywood Knitting Circle™, is also the creator of the Knitting Pretty™ method. Jill has been a knitting teacher and coach for more than 20 years at workshops, seminars, trade shows, New York University, and the Ronald McDonald House of New York.




2 thoughts on “Knitting Notion Fun

  1. I use your craft items, I bought a steel Hook No. 8 And this is not a true size. It is about the size of an 11 0r 12 steel hook. I have other 8 & 9 steel hooks, but I like this type of holding part for my hand.

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