Press Perfect Giveaway…there’s still time to enter!

There’s still time to enter the Press Perfect giveaway!

We want to know what your must have Clover sewing notion is.  I know for some of you it was difficult to choose just one, from Wonder Clips to Rotary Cutters and everything in between we love to hear what your must have Clover tools are.

Share an image of your must have Clover sewing notion using #cloverfan for a chance to win!

Get additional entries by using the rafflecopter link below:


Prize Package:

  • 1 lucky winner will get a prize package of 1: Hot Hemmer, 1: Hold It Precision Stiletto, and 1: Point 2 Point Turner.
  • Contest ends Friday, May 23rd
  • We will contact winner via email

See detailed demonstrations on the Hot Hemmer, Hold It Precision Stiletto, and the Point 2 Point Turner.

Hot Hemmer


Hold It Precision Stiletto

Hold It Precision Stiletto


Point 2 Point Turner

Point 2 Point Turner


19 thoughts on “Press Perfect Giveaway…there’s still time to enter!

  1. The longer I have Wonder Clips the more I wonder how I ever got along without them! Big fan of the YoYo makers & flower makers as well. Clover Notions are a BIG part of my must have tools.

  2. Wonder clips are my newest obsession! I can’t sew anything without them anymore. How did I ever get along without them?

  3. This is a hard question to answer for sure. I think that it is my rotary cutter and mat! These are time savers cutting quilt blocks takes no time at all. I absolutely love them.

  4. Without my Clover notions I would not be able to function. Rotary mat, cutter, scissors, chalk markers, seam ripper ….. I’m just rolling in Clover!

  5. I forgot to tell you all what I own. I will say just some of them. I love all my yo-yo makers. I mean all of them!!! I have the basket makers, the coin keeper and that one is so clever. That is just the beginning. The heart yo-yo makers make such a cute cover to make and put on a baby or child’s bed. Even using just the round yo-yo makers. Using a color pattern with them is very unique because then, just for an idea, you can make one row of a soft pink, the next row a shade darker of pink; the next row a darker pink and go on and on. I have used a cross stitch pattern even. Have fun!!!

  6. Can’t live without so many of them. However, I am in the midst of a serious drapery project and I can’t imagine being without the hot hemmer and the giant Wonder Clips.!

  7. I am anxious to use the Wonder Clips my kids tucked into my Xmas gift. The next thing on my wish list is Clover’s Mini Iron as I’ve started making doll clothes for granddaughter’s 18 in. doll.

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