Press Perfect Giveaway


What is your must have Clover sewing notion? Tell us for a chance to win some pressing essentials. Clover’s Press Perfect 10 piece collection is an innovative line of must have tools for any sewing room. Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs teamed up with Clover to create the “new basics” for any pressing station.

Share an image of your must have Clover sewing notion using #cloverfan for a chance to win!

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Prize Package:

  • 1 lucky winner will get a prize package of 1: Hot Hemmer, 1: Hold It Precision Stiletto, and 1: Point 2 Point Turner.
  • Contest ends Friday, May 23rd
  • We will contact winner via email

Good Luck #cloverfan ‘s!


Hot Hemmer (Art. No. 7806)

Thin and accurate ruler features a non-slip surface that holds fabrics in place for precise results. Measure, mark, and press: straight hems, round, interior and miter corners.


Hold It Precision Stiletto (Art. No. 7807)

Heat resistant silicone tip for working near iron while pressing. Features an angled tip for good reach and visibility and a grippy tip for holding fabric. Use at the ironing board or sewing machine.

7803_In Use

Point 2 Point Turner (Art. No. 7803)

Turn every point perfectly. Designed to be comfortable and secure when using either end. Features a fine tipped end for detail work and a curved end with tip for point turning.



80 thoughts on “Press Perfect Giveaway

  1. The point turner and hot hemmer should be in every sewing area. They make things go so much easier.

  2. Must I choose?
    Love Clover products – knitting, sewing, felting – got them and love them all!
    Just bought another Mini Knitting Counter as misplaced the first one and can’t knit without it!
    Awesome products!

  3. Love the hot hemmer and the point turner. Hot hemmer makes it easy to ACCURATELY turn up a hem. The point turner is something we in the quilting world couldn’t do without as we are trying to make our mitered corners PERFECT.

  4. Wonder Clips are indispensable! I can’t think of a single sewing or craft project I’ve worked on in the past couple of years where these little gems didn’t get used in some way. I have quite a few Clover products and find them all useful but those clips are genius!

  5. I have Clover flower makers and Kanzashi flower makers. I would love to have these pressing tools.
    Thanks for your products.

  6. I don’t know! I haven’t paid attention to what brand of sewing supplies I’ve bought. My most essential sewing tool are my quilting needles. Thanks!

  7. Clover makes so many of the best sewing tools that choosing one favorite is impossible. I do have to say I absolutely love the yo-yo makers. I’ve been playing with those this whole week…

  8. My favorite Clover notion is my hera marker. Saved me so much time when making a bunch of skirts for a team headed out on a mission trip. Of the pressing tools, I think the Hold It Stiletto would be the handiest for me. I am always burning my fingertip with the steam from the iron!

  9. I tried to paste an image of the point turner but it wouldn’t copy with my computer but that one is neat.

  10. So many Clover notions – all my favorite! when I’m using! – like choosing one baby over the other! hmmmm…today…my favorite is – the stiletto! Thanks Clover for all the wonderful products!

  11. I’m a true blue sewer as you know. There’s nothing I like better than sharp pins. They are a little more expensive, but they are worth it. I have many clover sewing and knitting products and I love the thought and design that goes into each and every product.

  12. I love your seam ripper and the bias maker!! The seam ripper is used “Quite” more often than I’d like to admit!! You have always had great products and I own several of them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Your seam ripper is my favorite! It does a much better job than the other ones I’ve tried. In fact we spend so much time together that I’ve given him a name. 😊. Thank you for the chance to win some of your great notions.

  14. I love love the assortment of YoYo makers. They are my favorite products. But I have so many that make my time in the sewing room so much easier.. Thanks and Good luck to all that enter the contest.

  15. Love all your products, I use them for all my needlework projects, knitting, crochet, embroidery, yo-yos, etc….

  16. I have tried many, but the Clover seam ripper is the best, and believe me I know! Larger handle and easy grip and it doesn’t roll off the table.

  17. Yesterday I used my tiny yo-you maker and I´ve just been using my Clover self-threading needles for burying threads in a quilt today–I love those and many more Clover products in my collection, and certainly would appreciate a Hot Hemmer, too!

  18. My favorite Clover notion is my needle threader, since my vision is fading, I could not sew without this amazing tool.

  19. The hot hemmer is ingenious! I’d love to win any of your pressing tools. I have the mini board and it’s fabulous!

  20. I don’t currently have one but a Iron Safe I think would be my absolute favorite But right now I think it is the stilletto all their tools are great !!!

  21. My Fave Clover product at the moment is the Yellow Silicone Thimble with the metal top. I have Three stashed in different hand sewing containers. I have thick little fingers and these fit perfect and I was never happy with a thimble till I found these. I LOVE ALL my clover products tho. But I think I want the hot hemmer to be my next fave. Thank you for the chance to win.

  22. The Wonder Clips in regular and jumbo size are my absolute favorite! No more getting stuck with a pin! Just don’t know how lived without them.

  23. Wonder clips in both sizes of course but my next must have is Stiletto! Thanks for letting us all play along.

  24. I think the hot hemmer and I will be bff’s. I can see how valuable it would be for hemming pants and skirts, and making casings and, and, and!!!

  25. I love my Clover Mini Iron. If you have never used one ladies, you don’t know the time saver it is. and so convenient, it sets just to the left of my machine. Wish I had one by every machine I use. .

  26. My favorite Clover product is the wonder clips. I wouldn’t even think of doing a binding without them! It’s definitely a must have!

  27. I am a great fan of Clover products. My newest must have tools are the Giant Wonder Clips. I am anxious to try the Hot Hemmer as I am in the midst of a very serious and very large drapery project.

  28. CLOVER CRAFT IRON B-68SP – Please bring it back or at least a proper substitute!
    The Mini iron is only good for tiny items but not for proper pressing of seams or for me and my friends who use the starch/freezer paper applique method.
    Quilters all over the world are desperately trying to a) pick up every old, new or used one of the original craft iron Clover B-68SP on EBay and b) trying to find a good substitute, which has proven to be impossible!

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