New Spring Products from Clover

New Spring Products

Clover has introduced many new exciting products this Spring. Love our marking tools? Keep reading to find out more about the new air erasable marking pens, and they’re PURPLE! Like to knit with bulky yarns? Sizes 17 & 19 have been added to the Takumi Bamboo Single Point Knitting Needle line. Amour Steel Crochet Hooks and Tatting Shuttles (Sm. & Lg.) are now available in a set!

Whether you sew, knit, tat, or crochet…there’s something new for all our Clover fans.



Curved Awl Art No. 4880

Ergonomic handle provides better grip and comfort for controlled results. Curved tip ensures beautiful curves on pockets and collars. MSRP $14.25


Air Erasable Markers

Markings naturally disappear in 4-14 days on all Air Erasable Markers. Our markers are great for planning sewing projects and on light and dark fabrics. Giving you enough time to finalize the details.

5030_Air_Erasable_Marker_Extra_Fine 2

Art No 5030 Extra Fine (MSRP $6.25)

5031_Air_Erasable_Marker_Thick 2

Art No 5031 Thick (MSRP $6.25)


Art. No 5032 with Eraser (MSRP $7.25) 

WEB_White_Marking_Pen_with_PKG[1] WEB_White_Marking_Pen_in-use

White Marking Pen Refills Art. No 5033

Refill pens are now available for the white marking pen. Includes two refills and a metal lever used to easily pop-off the cap from pen. MSRP $11.50

Takumi_US17_with_PKG Takumi_US19_with_PKGTakumi_US17_needle_tip

Takumi Bamboo Knitting Needles Single Point 10inch Sizes 17 & 19

Our bamboo knitting needles are ecologically manufactured in Osaka, Japan. No petrochemicals are used. Bamboo is only harvested in the winter when the bamboo is at its best. New sizes 17 & 19 are great for bulky and super bulky yarns.

WEB_Amour_Steel_Crochet_Hook_Set_with_PKG2Amour Steel Crochet Hook Set Art. No 3675 MSRP: $57.95

Set includes seven sizes, Amour steel crochet hooks are conveniently color coded according to their sizes.

WEB_S_5piece_Tatting_Shuttle Small Tatting Shuttle 5pc Set Art. No 8102

Our tatting shuttles are a go-to shuttle. They fit nicely in your hands and work great for two shuttle tatting due to their light weight. Working on multiple projects is now possible with Clover’s New Tatting Shuttle sets. MSRP: $14.00


Large Tatting Shuttle 5pc Set Art No. 8103

Large tatting shuttles are great for bead work. The pick tip on the end is great for joining picots or un-tatting mistakes. MSRP: $20.00

Now that you’ve seen what’s new with Clover, what product are you looking to try first?


2 thoughts on “New Spring Products from Clover

  1. I’m certainly going to get one of those new awls! I can imagine several ways that the curved tip would be useful. Also, I love that kind of chunky handle on both my Clover seam ripper and straight awl, the shape is easy to hang on to and find quickly in my tool bin.

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