Happy Earth Day from Clover

We are all green here at Clover, did you know our Takumi Bamboo needles are Eco-Friendly? Here are some reasons that make our bamboo needles really green and full of quality.

We limit the harvest of Bamboo trees in the winter season, because bamboo in the winter contain less water, which may cause stains and mold, and their woody fibers are tighter. 

Our bamboo needles are all tapered in every size and type.

Our Circular Knitting Needles have soft, pliable cables that work with you 

Our Bamboo Knitting Needles are not harsh on your hands, because they do not conduct heat like metal knitting needles do, which means you can work longer without tiring out your joints. 

It takes 60 days to produce one pair of Knitting Needles. Which means that our Head Quarters in Japan takes care to each needle produced. Making sure it is Takumi “Craftsman” made.

Happy Earth Day,

love your Earth and knit Eco-Friendly with Takumi!  


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