How to Knit with Beads by Fran Ortmeyer

scarf with beads

I have become a fan of knitting with beads. There are several ways to make this happen…one is pre stringing the beads which takes way more time and patience than I have been gifted with SO I did some research and decided the method using a crochet hook to add the beads as you go was what I needed. I love the process and adding beads this way holds them in place. When knitting with prestrung beads you knit them into the stitch and they tend to roll around to the back of your work. When using the crochet hook, first knit the stitch, transfer it back to the left hand needle, take a small gauge crochet hook (I use 14 or 12 as these also work with seed beads) slip the bead onto the hook, pick up the stitch on the left hand needle and slide the bead over the stitch. Move the stitch back to the right hand needle and resume work.

The stitch has been knit and returned to the left hand.  

image 1

Using crochet hook pick up stitch. 

image 2

Bead is now on the stitch.

image 3

Once bead is positioned onto the stitch return to right hand needle. You have now added two beads successfully.  

image 4

Now you have a beautiful fan lace scarf with beads. 

scarf with beads

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