Seams Unlikely


Through the years Nancy and Clover have worked closely together to create and develop her innovative products and must have notions. There is no doubt that many of Nancy’s products have made their way into the sewing kits of sewists world wide.

Seams Unlikely not only discusses how her business grew into the empire it is today, but you get to see a personal side of Nancy that most of us never knew. The story begins from the day she was born, not many people know what her parents and family were experiencing on the day they were born. It gave wonderful insight into her        tight-knit-family, dedicated to having a strong work ethic that still holds true to this day.

It wasn’t until recently that I was able to view first hand what went behind product development. The ideas Nancy presents are fresh and creative, she’s constantly coming up with new ideas for products you never knew you needed, until you            tried them.


Nancy has demonstrated her products at many trade shows over the years, it’s inspiring to see the crowds she gathers. Her dedicated fans are star struck when they see Nancy at the Clover booth. She is a great teacher, walks through her products step-by-step and is always ready to answer questions. Nancy states- “I am, at heart, a teacher”.

Her motto is stated as “If something is worthwhile you have to work for it.” Achieving a goal, and doing a good job in the process, is not easy but it is rewarding.” The collaboration between Nancy and Clover has allowed many of us to work first hand with Nancy and her team.

Nancy is the true embodiment of an entrepreneur, I don’t even want to bring up the fact she is a “woman entrepreneur” but rather an individual that takes great pride in working hard.  This quote out of her book says it all how she carries herself in life:

Believing too much in the praise, or too much in the criticism, creates an imbalance that bogs forward movement.

Everyone can benefit from this book for encouragement, insight to the everyday working person no matter what the background, this story is a true example of meekness is not weakness.

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Seams Unlikely Autobiography by Nancy Zieman

February 4          Nancy Zieman 

February 5          Eileen Roche

February 5          Pat Sloan

February 6          Melissa Stramel

February 6      The Long Ladies

February 6          Tori Thompson

February 7          Amy Barickman

February 7          Melissa Mora

February 8          Shari Butler

February 8          Vicki Christensen

February 9          Carolina Moore

February 9        Kate Mclvor

February 10          Amy Ellis

February 10          Melissa Mortenson

February 11          Ilene Miller

February 12         Liz Hicks

February 11          Julie Herman

February 12     Bill Gardner

February 12          Elizabeth Evans

February 13          Amy Webb

February 13          Lindsay Wilkes

February 14          Gertie Hirsch

February 14          Veronica Philips

February 15          Jenny Gabriel

February 15          Laura Wasilowski

February 16          Frieda Anderson

February 16          Rita Farro

February 17          Cindy Cloward

February 17          Joan Hawley

February 17          Patty Young

February 18          Nancy Zieman

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