Bead Loom- Features, Kits, and more!


We’re making our way to the Tucson, AZ To Bead True Blue bead show which runs February 2 -10. There are so many great features to Clover’s Bead Loom and thought now would be the perfect time to share with you what the Bead Loom has to offer.

We created a brief introductory video on the bead loom which discusses set up options, package contents and more. Our Educational Director, Carol Porter, states that “The engineering that went into this loom tool has all the desires and features that Bead Weavers want and made sure that they were included.”

Carol Porter has worked with the Bead Loom from the very beginning and knows first hand what the best features are of this product. See what she has to say below:

Bead Loom Features:

Adjustable Frame:

The range of working (weaving) space is from 2 ½” to over 8”.

  • For small items such as brooches, medallions, earrings you do not need to warp a huge amount before you get to the weaving saving time and thread.
  • The widest setting will accommodate bracelet lengths which is the major item that bead weavers want to do.
  • All pieces woven between the 2 ½” – 8” are set on pegs making a continuous warp which means only feeding in the beginning and ending warp threads and the two weft threads. Again a great time saver and feature bead weavers truly appreciate.

Two Sets of Warping Grooves

  • The set with grooves closest together is for cylinder seed beads.
  • The set with wider grooves is for round seed beads.
  • Warp every other groove to use even larger seed beads.

Winding Beam

  • The loom can be warped to make long necklaces by going beyond the 8” length to any length desired by using the winding beam to wind up the long warps.

Solid Structure

  • The hard plastic frame holds its shape and will not warp as some wooden ones do and the frame is very sturdy by comparison to the wire looms.


  • The holders clamp over the warp threads and snap into the winding beam so no tying of knots.
  • The opposite edge of the holder is serrated which will “comb” the warp threads and straighten them out as you place them over the grooves…genius!

Warp Thread Stoppers

  • These pins fit through a channel on the warping beam just above the threads to hold them securely in place while weaving.

Along with the Bead Loom, Clover has a line of beading thread, needles, and kits available to you.


By Carol Porter and Fran Ortmeyer.

Bead Weaving On a Loom





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