Dresden Christmas Tree Skirt


Good morning everyone, another wintery California day over here at Clover. I know from the last post we discussed the Dresden plate design, and how I said I was going to make a tree skirt yesterday, well unfortunately I caught a cold (sadness) and have quarantined myself to my desk so that my colleagues don’t join my cold party.

I will create this project you see above, following these instructions from one of our free project sheets titled: Dresden Christmas Tree Skirt, which you can download and try yourself. I actually did not realize how expensive tree skirts can get. I’ve seen some for $45.99 and some I’ve seen for $16.99 that look decent. I thought “you know Clover has so many great tools, why not make your own and personalize it”

I want you to share your holiday projects you’ve done, working on, have currently finished. We can all learn from each other. Post your pictures either through Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest or here. Clover staff would love to see your work.

Happy Wednesday  everyone from everyone here at Clover.

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