Dresden, Germany

You may be asking yourself, “Why Dresden, Germany?” or maybe your not asking yourself that. Today are some facts on the beloved Dresden plate which the  Nancy Zieman Blog has created a fabulous template for. Dresden, Germany was  the center for 19th century romanticism movement in art with elaborate porcelain designs of flowers, fruits and motifs. I found some great resources through

The Quilt Index



Tomorrow we will create a Dresden plate using Nancy Zieman’s template to create a Christmas tree skirt. Happy Monday Nights.

4 thoughts on “Dresden, Germany

    • Hi Connie, thanks for your comment.I love it too, when I was reading on the Dresden plate design they said it looks like the fans designed for woman of the Victorian era.Keep tuned, later today we will post up how to create a tree skirt using the Dresden plate design.

    • Today we will gather up some holiday fabrics and get to creating. We will show either a video or a step by step with images. Do you have any creative uses with the Dresden design? I’ve seen another form of quilt design from the victorian era called “Crazy Quilts” where they created abstract designs with mixed textures. Quilts are truly a timeline for our history it amazes me.

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