Make “French”-ship Bracelets with the French Knitter


ethan kaylin

One of the hottest trends this season can be made using Clover’s French Knitter!

Give the gift of creativity with this fun and easy to use tool. Easy set up, easy to hold and easy to control. Make bracelets, key chains, and more. Keep reading for instructions on the fishtail style bracelet. This is a great project for kids, you can also add beads for a more personalized look!


Supplies Needed:

  • French Knitter (Art No. 3100)
  • 1.5mm Rubber Bands (Found at your local craft store)
  • “S” Clips (Found at your local craft store)
  • Optional: Beads


123 121

Start with using a 4-peg head attachment

Step 1: Twist one rubber band and place on two pegs.


Step 2: Add two additional rubber bands on the same two pegs. (No Twist)


Step 3: Use your hook to take the bottom rubber
band and move it up and over the peg, do this on each peg.


Step 4: Continue to add one rubber band at a time, taking the bottom rubber band and moving it up and over each peg until you reach your desired length


**To add beads**  Place a bead with a large enough opening for the rubber band to fit through. Once the bead is on the rubber band, place the rubber band on the two pegs.


Step 5: Once you are ready to finish off your project, there will be two rubber bands on the pegs. Take the bottom band and move it up and over the two pegs. Use the hook to grab the rubber band that is on both pegs, leaving you with two loops on the hook. Grab one “S” clip and place both loops on one side of the clip. On the opposite end of your bracelet, use the hook to grab two loops and place them on the other side of the “S” clip.


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