New Fall Products – Day 5

We hope you’ve enjoyed the inside scoop on all of Clover’s new fall products. We have one more addition to share with you from the Nancy Zieman product line as well as a few others. Now that you’ve seen all that’s new with Clover, what products are you looking forward to try?


9578 – Trace ‘n Create Templates: Carefree Curves Collection

Templates include:


Circle Blocks: 3 size options 14 ½”, 12 ½”, and 8 ½” (Use ¼ Circle & Circle Template)

Hearts & Gizzards Block: 5 size options 16 ½”, 14 ½”, 12 ½”, 10 ½”, and 8 ½” (Use Hearts & Gizzards Block)


Wagon Wheel Blocks: 5 size options 24 ½”, 22 ½”, 20 ½”, 18 ½”, and 16 ½” (Use Wagon Wheel & Fan Template, plus ¼ Circle & Circle Template)

Note from Nancy: These templates create curved designs from squares and rectangles- it’s magic!

WEB_new-Fabric_Folding_Pen WEB_4054_Fabric_Folding_Pen_Liquid

4053 & 4054: Fabric Folding Pen and Pen Liquid Refill

Simply draw a line on your fabric and it becomes pliable and easy to fold. Crease with fingertips.

WEB_7518_pinking_blade_with_PKG WEB_7519_wave_blade_with_PKG

7518 & 7519: Clover Rotary Blade Refills (Pinking and Wave Blades)

Blades fit Clover’s 45mm Rotary Cutter

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