New Fall Products – Day 3

We have four more products to share with you from the Press Perfect line. We hope you have enjoyed what we have shared so far. We’ll continue to give you an overview of what you can expect to see on retail shelves this fall from Clover.


7806- Hot Hemmer

Measure, mark, and press: straight hems, round, interior, and miter corners. Unique non-slip surface holds fabrics in place for precise results. The Hot Hemmer is a thin and accurate ruler which is heat resistant, allowing you to press directly on the ruler.


7807 – Hold It Precision Stiletto

Use at the ironing board or sewing machine. The grippy tip is great for holding fabric and the angled tip allows for good reach  and visibility. The Hold It Precision Stiletto offers control, leverage, and stability. A great new basic for all your sewing and quilting needs.

WEB_7808_Touch_Up_Pressing_Mitt #7808_Touch_Up_Pressing_Mitt

7808 –  Touch Up Pressing Mitt

The Touch Up Pressing Mitt is a pressing mat for your hand and perfect for pressing on the go. Use inside a sleeve, shoulder, or pant leg and also great for collars and lapels.

WEB_7809_Dry_Heat_Finish_Pressing_Sheets 7809_In_Use

7809 – Dry Heat Pro Finish Pressing Sheets

The Dry Heat Pro Finish Pressing Sheets are safe to use on vinyl, PUL, laminates, and more. Use during construction to press for a professional finish. Press the unpressable with these re-usable, smooth, coated sheets.

4 thoughts on “New Fall Products – Day 3

  1. Love the idea of these pressing items. Hemming will be much easier and straight crisp lines! I think the pressing mitt for hubby on travel will be wonderful, the ironing boards in hotels have very little cushioning on them and not to mention the time to pull it out! Oh and the pressing sheet… so many uses!!!

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