Fall New Products – Day 2

We’re on day 2 of our new Fall product introduction. Tell us what is the most challenging aspect you find at your pressing station and what product are you looking forward to try?


WEB_7803_Point_2_Point_Turner 7803_In Use

7803- Point 2 Point Turner

Turn every point perfectly. Designed to be comfortable and secure when turning either end. Features a fine tipped end for detail work. Curved end with tip for point turning.

WEB_7804_Iron_Safe 7804_Iron_Safe_In_Use

7804 – Iron Safe

Protect what you’re pressing from your iron, protect your iron from what you’re pressing! The Iron Safe prevents scorch, burn, and shine and works with all temperature settings, dry or steam.

WEB_7805_Deluxe_Take_&_Press_Mat IMG_9066Edited05

7805 –  Deluxe Take & Press Mat

The Deluxe Take & Press Mat is a large portable pressing surface measuring 24″ x 36″ in size. The handy 1″ grid lines throughout the mat allow for easy garment pin blocking. Works on any flat, heat-safe surface and folds for convenient storage and travel.

9 thoughts on “Fall New Products – Day 2

  1. Sharp edges and points, and having lots of steam are key for me. The right tools make your work look professional. Everyone needs a drawer full of what works for them.

  2. No matter which side of my sewing machine I put my pressing station or which direction I try to iron, the cord to the iron gets in my way. If you figure out a gadget that works on a table top to solve that problem, you’ll have a super happy customer in me!

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